In my first blog I touched on why Rich and I had decided to make the move, have an adventure. Our jobs, being on the hamster wheel, how most people (not all I hasten to add) in the NHS struggled with feedback. So, I think that before I post any more I explain a little bit more about me, and also explain about sheeples.

A sheeple is a term to describe herd behaviour in people (we all know the reference to sheep when everyone just follows the crowd.) It describes those who voluntarily acquiesce to suggestions without any thought or analysis of their own. These people tend to take these statements at face value, especially if it is cited in mainstream media (look at Facebook recently) or religion. These people tend to me conformist people.

Or as I look at it sometimes people who don’t want to rock the boat, life is easier to not rock the boat.

I’m not a conformist!

So my story:

I have always worked with the public. I did enjoy it, I still do when it is just me dealing with the public and with no politics attached. But as my role in the NHS changed I began to enjoy it less and less where my career in the NHS was concerned. Mainly because I could not help the people that I was there to help. Help them find answers, to understand what had happened to them, or someone that they loved dearly. I wanted to help them but I just kept coming up against defensiveness, brick walls, and hostility. At times the lack of compassion from some of my colleagues within any of the organisations that I worked was mind blowing. Especially when my working environment was meant to be a “caring” environment

I have been patronised in front of members of the public by people who, quite simply, had no concept of how this made them look. I have been sworn at in public places by senior members of staff when I challenged them , I have heard one too many times that the “outcome was inevitable”!

Whether it was because the NHS is such a political environment, or whether it was because people felt that they could not rock the boat because,as I have had said too me many times,  “they had mortgages to pay”, or whether it was simply because people were following the “crowd” mentality I do not know. But I learnt to bite my tongue, I challenged, I questioned but in the end I was told to “keep my head down”.   I did that for too long, when, in fact, the behaviours that I was experiencing and witnessing were quite simply wrong, and I should have challenged them more.

Those who know me know that I am not one to follow the crowd, and although I did it for too long I could never become a fully fledged sheeple. That’s why I left and why I could never go back.

Why have I told you all this?

I am now going to write, and I am not going to bite my tongue. If I feel the need to write something in my blog I will. I will never name people but I will at times highlight behaviours good and bad (or not depending on your viewpoint) but those that drive me mad and and those that have made me laugh.

Let me give you an example. Rich is registered for work, as a handyman and general chores that include mowing lawns. I replied to an advert placed by someone that needed some work doing. I then received a pm from someone else asking me to register him on a website over here, for specific roles. Telling me “it would be great” if I could do this, to add insult to injury it finished with a “thanks” which implied that said person thought I was going to do what I had been asked (or told, which was the underlying tone) because I must,  and would feel the need to follow the crowd. I don’t!  Sorry to all if they are going to be disappointed but I am not a “follow the crowd” kind of girl. I am not a Sheeple.

I considered the message and decided against registering, or replying.

On a positive note I also asked on a website about a good place to buy logs. I had a couple of initial replies, one from a very funny lady who made me laugh with her comments and with who I had a good and funny conversation via Facebook, she even taught me something about logs and the meaning of the terms that you used re the size of your order.  She signed off signed off with “here endeth your first French lesson”. Made me laugh.

After that I stepped out of the conversation as everyone who then joined it seemed to be taking it so seriously. I had bought my logs – thank you to that lady.

I think that it is important that I explain to all of my readers, that at times I will rock the boat on my blog. It is part of the reason I signed up for a blog. It may upset some people, but no-one will be easily identifiable so if you recognise yourself I don’t really know what to say, how do you know I am talking about you?

The other is, I hope, to give courage and spark to those that are thinking about jumping out of the boat and having an adventure. Remember I am living life as if someone left the gate open, and that means that I am going to be honest in my writing, because otherwise I would be lying about the great adventure if it was all happiness and cup cakes!

Sometimes in life you just need to tell people to f*** off!

I hope that most will respect that, will appreciate my honesty, because quite simply I am no longer shackled by convention where work is concerned. I hope that the majority of my readers enjoy someone saying what they possibly want to say but may not be able to, or feel able to. I am free  I AM NOT A SHEEPLE!!!

Thanks for listening