For thise who love dogs, you can’t get better than a Welshie.

Dylan's Welshie World

Hi everyone, its me, its Dylan! Mum turned her back for a minute – not a smart move with a Welshie around, but bless her she’s not fully trained yet – so I have made off with her I pad!

I’ve heard what mum has been saying about me, especially at puppy class, (mmm not happy about her making out I’m a drama Queen) and I think its time you got my point of view. After all there’s two sides to every story right?

I don’t want to be to mean to my mum, cos I love her – and besides if I am she might not cook me chicken and rice tonight and I gotta keep my little belly full, I’m a growing girl – but the fact is, she’s not a puppy. And more to the point, she’s not a Welshie puppy, so there’s things that go on…

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