Oh! This one made me laugh, you don’t introduce a toy ferret to a Welshie!

Dylan's Welshie World

Well it was a fun night again at puppy class – but at least I didn’t end up in the broom cupboard – result!

The trainer met us at the door. Instead of the mad fur blur stampede into class – usually led by Dylan (no surprise there)- we had to line up, our puppies had to sit and wait before being told to walk in calmly.

I think class is starting to get serious.

Maybe Dylan felt like acting a grown up as she now has a proper Welshie Cut, but she was the only puppy who sat serenely waiting to be told to enter the hall.

The trainer looked at Dyls, looked at me and said “It could be a good night, you never know”.

Dyls looked up at the trainer, looked at me like butter wouldn’t melt and did a little head tilt.

Oh I think I…

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