Cherishing every moment

These are two of our cats (we only have three left now!) Molly, the cat ‘doing the washing’, and Daisy, the cat being washed. I took this photo yesterday as I sat at our window in our wingback chairs blogging.

I am cherishing the moment. You see Molly is nearly twenty years old, and we know that the time is coming that she will leave us. In the past two weeks alone I have shed tears for her. As her condition deteriorates I have thought I would wake up and she would be gone. But every morning when we come downstairs she has rallied, and gives a loud miaow.

On Saturday she took a turn for the worse, and wouldn’t eat. We always said that when she wouldn’t eat it was time, all day she just lay in front of the fire. So we topped it up with logs before we went to bed, just to make sure she was warm.

RD got up on Sunday morning (our ‘have our tea in bed day’) because he didn’t want me to find her; but when he came down she was up, perky, and shouting; she ate a bowl of food and had two plates of milk and cream! (She can have what she wants now, in her limited time).

But I know, after holding her close on Tuesday when she deteriorated again that our days left together are few.

Twenty years is a long time.




  1. Beautiful looking cat Rosie, and 20 years! My God that’s very old for a cat ! Isn’t it ? I feel for you because its horrible losing a part of the family. Fingers crossed for you that she keeps soldiering on 👍

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  2. She’s a beautiful cat. To lose a feline friend after 20 years will be heartbreaking. We jave six…..and each one is loved without reservation. No life without death, but the loss at the end is always gut wrenching. Hope she has a little time left with you 😚

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