About Rosie

When I started this blog I was 52 years old. We had taken the plunge, and sold our beautiful Edwardian house to fulfil our dreams of living in France.

I was totally beaten down from my life in England. I had bitten my tongue for too long and wanted my freedom to be me, and to live a different life.

I realised the year before we moved that I was only 11 years younger than my beloved mum when she died, and that life was for living “as if someone had left the gate open.”

At the time I started this blog I wrote “So this blog is for you Joyce and Paddy, and for all the people who are thinking of making the change, getting off that road and taking one of the paths to who knows where.”

The blog became popular, but life in France was tough. Beautiful but tough. However we learned so many lessons along the way, and found a strong belief that although we think we’re in control ‘someone else is doing the driving.’

This belief led us on to our next adventure and we moved to beautiful Ireland at the end of 2020. My dad was Irish, so I was Irish by descent. I had visited this emerald isle many times, and Rich (or RD as he is known) trusted me enough to move here without ever having been here. I sit in my home in Ireland as I update this now.

Over they years I set up a new blog to help others, I had to adopt a pseudonym and I became Rosie, and Rich became RD; but it was worth it knowing that we have helped others.

Sadly the cast has changed, and some of the furries left us along the way. Our adventures have shown us so many times that you shouldn’t believe what you think you want is actually what you want at all. That life can change in a heartbeat, and you should only live in the here and now. Trust me, that is all you ever have.

I know my dad Paddy would have loved to return home, so now I’ve done it for him.

I hope this blog inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Rosie (Moisy)

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