Never under-estimate the power of positivity


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imageFirstly I want to thank each and every person who took the time to comment on my last post, both directly to my blog, and on Facebook. The positive comments that I received were overwhelming and your positivity then generated a sale of an item on my Etsy shop – I truly believe that.

But it did not stop there, yesterday a lady posted an adapted poem onto a Facebook site over here called ‘living and renovating in France’  and it was truly brilliant; so much so that it made me cry because it highlighted how hard it can be; and right now Rich and I are finding it hard. Our work has all but completely dried up and we are looking at a winter where we do not know where income will come from. As most of you know I believe in the Tao and that if you keep your mind open things will come your way; but right now, after working so hard all summer we are again faced with the prospect of little or no income; and we are, now, seriously considering the way forward if we are to remain here.

But one of the things we do know is that however much we need money we are no longer prepared to sell our souls. We have realised our worth (finally) and are not prepared to put up with an ounce of crap any longer!

So when I read this ladies poem here is an excerpt

“If you can get the tiles upon the concrete floor,
And spend your hours, playing round with grout,
Or face the fact the bank account looks poor,
And never grudge the will to do without.
If you can stand knee deep in all the brambles,
And tame the weeds and learn to use a strimmer,
Your life might sometimes seem to be in shambles,
But you love the sunsets when the light gets dimmer.
Then you can truly look back on your trouble,
And share your sense of humour while you rest,
The pleasure that you gain is truly double,
And you will know that you have done your best.”

Rachelle Writer – the living and renovating in France FB page

It reminded me that we are not alone, that we have to keep fighting to survive and that we should never give up. But more than that, I said how it had made me cry, in a good way, the response was, again, overwhelming with one person telling me how this blog helps them to carry on at times.

So I am being honest, and I know that some will disapprove, but do you know what? I don’t care! I always said I would be honest on here and I will continue to be so.

The situation we have found ourselves in has made us consider whether being self employed over here is the way to go. With the nastiness and cattiness of some (and I hasten to add ‘some’) of the people over here, and with most of the work being ‘seasonal we have now questioned out choices and are considering some changes and options for next year.

But this poem touched me with the lines……..

“But you love the sunsets when the light gets dimmer.
Then you can truly look back on your trouble,
And share your sense of humour while you rest,
The pleasure that you gain is truly double,”

It reminded me why I moved out here, for the tranquility, for the simpler life, to be surrounded but the most breathtaking countryside, and to continue to strive and not just ‘wait for God.’ It reminded me of all the people who have supported us all the way, including our little group on messenger who all support each other as we watch TV programmes together,although miles apart. The kindness and support I have had from people from all over the world who I have never met has re-enforced my faith in mankind; and what was the outcome of this positivity I received – I made another sale on my fledgling Etsy shop!

So whilst there may be, sadly, some vicious people out here, they don’t phase me. I have always had the ability to tell people to f**k off! Sometimes in more cutting ways than that.

So thank you one and all – keep the positivity coming; that way we can shut the ‘Dementors’ in the world up – those who just want to suck the life out of people – (thanks for that character J K Rowling!)

As for the chilli sauce recipe – it is coming later today just for you Carol Barrass!!



As always please share and get the word out there.




You always need to believe if you are going on an adventure, believe you are a star.


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twinkle stars


So this week the same person (I would say bitch but I don’t want to give their sex away!!) who told me my Etsy shop was ‘crap’ told me that I was delusional and should stop writing my blog because it doesn’t make me money! Should I?

I want to write; I  have been told by many that I am a good writer, that I  have a way with words, that my words are ‘beautiful’; and having sent my book off to one publisher I know that I need to have a media presence, and that is what I have been working on over the past few weeks, relentlessly.

I have also been building a media presence for my shop, mainly because I need to build it and raise it’s profile, so as a result I did not do as many blogs last week as I should have done. But now I have been told that I am ‘delusional’ and ‘need to focus on what makes money’ my strong personality kicks in and I think f**k you!

So today I will be finishing my book for my ‘friend in the  know’ to read in it’s entirety, and then I will be sending it off to other publishers, because do you know what? Delusional or not, I do know that if I don’t do it I will never ‘make money’ from it! But more importantly, for me, I will not help people who are finding themselves in a situation we were in ten years ago, and who just don’t know what to do. Contrary to some people I do not believe that life is ‘all about making money.’

In addition I will continue with my blog because my reader content is going up all the time, and I love that people all over the world from Canada and America to Australia and Malaysia read my blog; I adore it when people react to it, when it touches a nerve for them, when it makes them cry because they can relate. What better compliment can a writer have to have touched an emotion?

I will look into advertising on it (or perhaps I won’t) and I will write because I want to. Good old ‘Delusional me’!!

Why am I writing this? Because when you go on an adventure like this, unless you have a massive pension, or pot of savings to take with you, you have to believe that things will work out. If you don’t you are lost. This negative person, is like J.K. Rowling’s characters in Harry Potter;  a Dementor, in that they suck all of the life out of you because they are not happy so they do not want anyone else to be.

If you are on an adventure take my advice, stay away from that crap because they will have you stop believing in a heartbeat. Do they read this, ‘no’ they advised me, they ‘do not read my blog,’ so how would they know or understand what it is about?

Do I feel better for saying this? Yes I do! I bit my tongue for too long, f**k i!! t I am not doing it any longer. If they read this post my message to them is that you said it, if you are offended ‘Suck it up!’

This morning I got up and my best friend had sent me a message through messenger saying ‘Believe’ with this underneath


She know’s me well, I am stubborn when you push me. So here I am writing my blog, being delusional!

But really folks, especially those who want the adventure, my message to you is that you will never do it if you think about all the ‘what ifs’, and trust me all the people who too afraid to do the adventure will have  you believing the ‘what ifs’ in a heartbeat to keep you in your place.

For those on the adventure with us, and I know there are many who are finding it hard for whatever reasonm the same friend sent me this later today…….


And I will.

So here are some pictures of our new venture – I have always loved interior design and rustic, and original, so we are now making wooden ornaments for the home and garden #made with  love in our barn in France # a star is for life not just for Christmas.

*(Oops apologies for those I traumatised when I missed the ‘with’ out and implied we had been making love in our barn!! Have corrected now!!)*

We have our first order already, it is currently drying in my kitchen waiting for more decoration…..


If you would like to visit my shop petiteFrenchfancies I have included a link just click on the word …….petiteFrenchfancies

Then just now, as I always believe that ‘life show’s you the way’, a message popped up in messenger from an old friend in England who used to be my boss, and always believed in me, and in the message she said ‘how are you? Still fabulous I see.’ Wonderful!!

It is the small things, always better to be positive than negative (although the same person told me once that I was ‘too positive’! And as I am writing this I realise that I have to step away from that crap!!!) a positive word can do so much more, a negative word is only said to destroy something, there can be no other outcome.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, because, trust me, I enjoyed writing it! Rich’s new name for me is ‘Delusional Moisy’ !!! Let’s all be delusional together and ignore the others!!!

Another post tomorrow folks – no stopping me now – a witchy poo cook recipe as requested for my Sweet Chillie Sauce and Mexican Chicken.


Moisy xxxx


Where have all the Cheese and Onion Crisps gone? And whilst I think of it the bloody chilli sauce!!!

When Rich and I first started coming to France hot things were off the menu – unless you cooked them yourself. So we would come with our car loaded with curry sauces, and chilli powder for our Mexican’s, and don’t forget the Cayenne pepper! But over time it has got better and the French seem to have got the taste for ‘something hotter’.

In addition the crisps (or potato chips for my American and Canadian readers) were weird flavours (In fact they still are!) You could get bolognaise flavour, and creme flavour, and paprika, and then just onion! But could you get good old cheese and onion (a favourite with the English) could you bugger!!

So imagine our surprise when we ‘found’ a packet of cheese and onion crisps in a tiny little mini mart the year we first moved over here; sadly we were so excited and nommed them as we drove along in the car nom, nom, nom. Then, before you knew it, they were everywhere, ridged varieties, non-ridged varieties, ‘yey’! We thought we can have them with our cheese sandwiches.

In the same way Mexican has taken off in a big way and you can buy Chilli powder and Cayenne powder and curry powder and even Tandoori chicken powder. On top of that you could find sweet chilli sauce (which I adore) just about anywhere in varying heats. You could even find it in Lidl when they had asian week. We was happy!!!

But suddenly this year the Cheese and Onion crisps started to disappear off the shelves and where they could once be found everywhere now they cannot be found anywhere. We have searched – “Don’t worry I told Karen when she visited in August – you can get Cheese and Onion crisps just like English crisps.”

MI lied, literally, or as it seemed. overnight they had gone. Nada, nothing none!! We are back to looking at dodgy salt and vinegar and weird pizza flavour.

But on top of that, at about the same time, the Sweet Chilli Sauce also started to disappear. In our small mini mart to start with, then the nearest supermarket, then the hyper-market and finally LeClerc, the Supermarket that  I thought that I could always rely on. Where Action (a Belgian Shop) sold it last year in the BBQ season it did not appear this year; and Lidl no longer have it as part of their Asian week. I was distraught as I have it with my Mexican’s as a sauce and I also use it to cook one particular dish. Have the French taken exception to it? Do they think we should not be eating eat. It is just plain Weird!

That is part of living in France, you find something, you like something and suddenly it ain’t here no more. Perhaps the Cheese and Onion crisps are something to do with Brexit and they’re not allowed in the country anymore!!

But I will not be beaten. I made my own!!!

It is so easy I don’t know why I didn’t do it before!! Sod French Bureaucracy if you want to stop people eating sweet Chilli sauce some people will make their own!! Shame about the Cheese and Onion Crisps though!

I am not called the Witchy Poo Cook for nothing; look out for my recipe – coming soon with my recipe for Mexican Chicken.

Have a good Saturday and look out for my post tomorrow – it is all about our new venture, we are going with Dad’s advice.


Stars and Moons


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I may have said it before but I love my surroundings, love where I live.

As I sit here in a fleece, body warmer and I think (given the temperature, and the fact that old stone houses love to absorb the cold ) soon to be added scarf and finger-less gloves to my ensemble, I look out at the farmer tilling the field outside, and the cacophony of colour from the fallen leaves, and I am, still, grateful.

But despite my love for it there have been times in the last week when the surrounding countryside has looked really really creepy.  What with autumn, and autumn mists, the full moon and Halloween it has been enough to spook anyone – not least my husband.

So the other night he was letting the dogs out and I caught him peering out of the door (picture the scene he is six one and he was in his shorts and pyjama top  and his old mans’s dressing gown, as he is peeking around the edge of the curtain as if he is afraid something will be looking back in on him.) “It is really spooky out there tonight” he said “Come and look.”

When I looked out it did look like something from a Stephen King novel. The full moon was shining and the mist was rolling in off the  hills and fields; but the weird thing was it  stopped just on the edge of our garden; lurking on the peripheries of the garden fence – as if waiting to be invited in. The full moon was shining between the trees and you felt as if you were being watched.

I love to experience it all, and said “I am going out out there.” At which point my tall husband with the fifty inch chest said “Oh yeah, I will come with you.” He said it as if he was coming out to keep me safe when in fact he was going out in the garden because I was going to be with him!!

But it was weird, completely still the fog not moving, as if it was holding it’s breadth. The moon had a shroud of mist around it and I had to take a photo – just a shame that it did not come out as well as I hoped! I wanted to show you the mist but it just came out as a blob of black!! It was chilly and silent and still.


Despite all the hard things about living in France in the late autumn and winter I still love it, love the rawness of nature. Love understanding that ‘Do you know what? ‘We are not as important as we think we are!

So after my last post I was spurred on and we are now venturing out into something new. We are both practical and I am arty and we are going to start to design and sell wooden stars, moons, garlands, hearts we have so many ideas! We are busy getting them started and watch out for future posts – inspired by nature we are at last moving forward.

Just one other thing – a massive, huge thank you to you all. The support after my last post was overwhelming and repaired my faith in mankind after becoming so disillusioned.

One of my all time sayings is that “Life will show you the way.” And it has, and it will.

If you like this post please let me know and feel free to share with others.

Back again on Thursday – I promised I will blog every other day.


I was disenchanted … for a while

For those who have read my blog for a while you will know that I always try and look at the positive side of life. In fact I was once told by someone that the ‘trouble’ with me is that I am too positive!? Don’t you just love miserable f*****s who always try to put you down?!!

It has taken me a while to write this post as I deliberated whether to write it or not. But, as always, I have to stay true to myself and be honest, and so write it I must.

This week I had a blip. We had worked hard all summer but now, as always in France where the work is so seasonal, the work had started to dry up; and you realise that no matter how hard you work, or how conscientious you are (and I am conscientious, too much sometimes and my integrity then bites me on the arse!!) you are just a number and actually your conscientiousness counts for jack shit when it comes down to it.

I suppose it hit me because I had not learnt my lesson; I had gone forward and done it again, given my all and realised that it doesn’t matter if you give your all, for most people you are just the same as the person who doesn’t give a shit and only gives what they have to; and I realised that I had to stop. I became disenchanted with people and that hit me hard.

So last Tuesday I found myself driving through the painting that is the French countryside, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and autumn colours, bawling my eyes out. I had tried to hold it off, told myself not to give in to it, but then another voice said ‘You are allowed to have a f*****g off day you know. Go on cry.’ So I did, and although it did make me feel better I still felt disillusioned and down.

But then my best friend called me and gave me a talking to, she cared, she did not want me to change – although did want me to know my worth. Then ‘Dad’ (see another poignant goodbye) came to see us and I won’t call R mum because she would kill me, she is the same age, but they both listened and she hugged me numerous times; she understood and believe me, that helped. (I have tears in my eyes now.)

‘Dad’ told us to know our worth, and not sell ourselves short. He knew that he could always rely on us, that we could always be trusted (and that is worth a lot out here!) and he told us to get another sideline. They both spurred us on.

So my Etsy shop is up and running and I have made three sales already, my lights are in Paris and a Chateau in Southern France and my Vintage Sky Hook now lives in New York!! So life is showing me that the stuff I have in my shop is well chosen and will sell, contrary to the negative f****r who said otherwise. I also received five star ratings from my customers, so much so that one emailed me again to say thank you personally. So we have decided to build on that.

Add to that this blog, and a big thank you to all who read and support it, as it grows bigger every day; and now I have a media profile that is also growing bigger every day.

But more than anything although I found myself back on the edge of that black hole I stopped and focused on the positive people that we have in our lives and the support that they give, and it brought me back from the edge. I wrote a list of all of those people and the support they give and I would like to say a big thank you to you all, because your belief in my writing was one of the things that I wrote down.

I am back now and I promise I will be blogging every other day this week so keep reading and please share.

And if any of you are interested in Vintage French items, with a little bit of shabby chic and rustic thrown, in then please visit my Etsy shop petiteFrenchfancies and let me know what you think.




Oh serendipity! My beloved friend

Another one of my favourites from this time last year .. enjoy


For those who have not read my blog before yes, it is about my move to France and all that it entails, but I also started this blog for those people out there who are thinking to themselves “Is this it?!” To, hopefully, provide encouragement to them to make change in their life, to understand that it is not impossible, but also to give a true picture of what it entails, it is not just “a move!” When you move countries you are , in fact, starting a new life, total!  But the opportunity that offers. …..

It enables you to become a different person, by reflecting on your previous life and deciding where,and if , you want to change things; (although for most I would hope that there would always be something they may change, I also know that sadly  for some that will not be true.)

Now as most…

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The hooley

As I know I have new readers I thought I would share some of my favourite posts with you over the next few days.Enjoy….


So for the last three days it has been blowing a hooley; and I mean, A HOOLEY.

A storm and strong winds were forecast for Saturday, but there was no mention of it carrying through until the early hours of Tuesday!

My poor little house is on top of a very large hill, and the wind has been crashing and bashing around it for the past three days. “Just to warn you, you are on a hill and it can get quite windy up here.” Said my lovely Immoblier (estate agent) ; she was not kidding!!

Since living here we have been hit by hurricane Katie in March, which took half of the kitchen roof off, a tornado in September, which finished a massive part of the kitchen roof off, which  is now covered in tarp (you all know the story, seriously, don’t get insured with Allianz!) And now The…

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Don’t be fooled even an adventure like this has ‘life!’ caught up in it ….. you just cannot escape sometimes!

I have always said that I was going to write this blog warts an’all.

Yes I started this blog to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and do something new. I know that some people who read this don’t want to, but one of the most exciting thing for me is that lots that read it do want to; and have contacted me to tell me that I have inspired them to “do it!”

Because of that I think that it is important that I say everything about having the adventure of moving to a different country, different culture with a different language because, much as I am an extremely positive person, there are parts of this type of adventure that do need to be considered…

So I think that the most important thing that I can say to everyone is that ‘life’ will still catch up with you irrespective of where you live. You will still have to pay taxes, (unless you decide to go off grid and camp in the woods!), you will still have to keep warm in the winter and find the money to pay for fuel, and food (notice I am not saying clothes or going out because we don’t get to do that very often!) you will still need to register for post to be sent to you and at some point will need healthcare, although Rich and I are still winging it at the moment.

No matter where you go in the world you will probably still need the internet, in fact it is invaluable for Rich and I, because I look everything up (I don’t go on the Facebook sites over here and say can someone tell me how? Because everyone joins in and has an opinion that you have not asked for so I stay away from those now – way too negative and sad for me!) If I want to know something then, if I use my common sense and don’t believe everything I read, I can pretty much sort it out for myself. In addition I need (yes need) Google translate, because, although I can speak a lot more French than I could I still get totally lost sometimes.

That brings me nicely on to learning another language. When I first told people of our plans their first response would be “Can you speak French?” to which I would reply “No, but I can learn.” And, yes, I have learnt but learning to speak any language is not simply learning the words it also all of the colloquialisms, for example can you imagine what French people would think if you tried to explain to them, word for word, that someone was “mad as a box of frogs!” Or try to explain toad in the hole? And that is it, we think we can just learn the word and translate it directly when in fact what you are telling people makes no sense at all.

If you were to have a meal with French people over here and tell them at the end that it was lovely and you were full then it would be an insult!!!

See any language, wherever you go, isnot just learning the words. Let us not forget that in France the word for cat should be pronounced Cha with a silent T. If you say Chat and pronounce the T you are talking about your fanny!!! In addition we would normally say I am hot if we were talking about how we feel due to the heat; however if you say “Je Suis Chaud” (I am hot) to a French person you are saying I am HOT!!! As in hot stuff. So no wonder our dear friend Marc reminds me of the first time I met him and I told him I was hot stuff and had five fanny’s!!! (I have five cats!)

Image result for pictures for a frazzled brain

You also have to learn to be inventive, to be prepared to work at anything and, as we have finally learnt, have confidence in yourself, and not undersell yourself.

Where is this all leading to?  We have to earn a living, we have to be able to pay the bloody taxes (the bastards get you everywhere irrespective of the country!) we have to buy fuel, and food, not least for our furry family and so we have had to find a way to earn a living. (For new readers you may want to read my post “it is about time someone said it!” To give you and idea of the type of things we have had to deal with on this adventure.)

So after much dealings with others I have set up my Etsy shop petiteFrenchfancies. I love all things old, vintage, eclectic and different, and most of all French; and thought I should try and make a living at it.

I opened in August and have been working hard at it, and yes, I enjoy it; but as is often the way with life, although this is a new adventure the one thing that is not new is that every thing you do you have to work hard; it doesn’t matter if you wanted an easier life there will be times when it is still difficult.

After a massive hand of help that was offered to me by a dear friend who I knew years ago, and who is extremely successful in her Etsy shop, I worked hard over the past few weeks to adjust my current listings and add some more. Thanks to my friend Karen’s belief and her pushing me I believed in myself and promoted my shop here, there and everywhere, raising my social media profile which will also help with regard to my book. (More of that another time.) This all takes up so much time! But I got three sales last week and I am hooked.

One of my items has gone to Paris, to an interior designer….

One has gone to a Chateau in Southern France…..


…….and one has just been waved goodbye to as he goes off to his new home in New York.


However although I am loving my new career it is hard because you have to research so much and find out so much add to that  the extra complication when you decide to do something like this from your new adventure point of view of the language and it makes it ten times harder. Trying to find out postage, what forms you have to fill in, takes twice as long because you have to try and find your way around the French sites and systems. When it is done however you feel an extra sense of pride in yourself because you have done it, you have persevered, because part of having an adventure is the force inside you that makes you carry on, simply because you have to!

I just did a little dance of joy when I took my parcels for France to the post office after working my way through it’s parcel booking site; and the lady behind the counter had a good laugh at the mad English woman.

But, despite all of this, I would not change it for the world. I could not go back and I would still say to you “Go for it!”




Many moons ago I was told to do something…..Perhaps we should all do it!

As some of you know, from previous posts (a little bit more about me) I am a ‘doer’ and just kept going until in the end I had a breakdown. (Why do you talk about this? Some people say!! Because we should NOT sweep it under the carpet, I say, it needs to be brought out into the open. ) I am not ashamed of this, from it I learnt so much, not least reading the Tao and realising that when it comes to my mini bus of life, someone else is doing the driving!

Well this week I was reminded again of many things and I thought that I would share them with you on this sunny, warm, October afternoon:


Firstly I was told by my counsellor that as part of my recovery, and to understand myself, I had to write down everything I did every day in list form; and I mean EVERYTHING! I had to write down that I had put a load of washing into the machine, and then that I had pegged it out. That I had emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, that I had put clothes away, fed the cats, took the dog for a walk, posted a letter, made the bed, paid a bill, made my husbands sandwiches for work, and on and on and on. ……

The reason for this was because I could not see what I had achieved. I did all of these things and would then think “right I need to get some work done now.” Or “I have not got anything done today.” When in fact when I looked at the lists that I made I had got shit-loads done!! But because I had always just kept going I no longer saw the every day things as work, or as achievements, so I loaded myself with more and more to do. (Sound familiar?!)

In fact when I first went to the Counselor she asked me what I was going to do to relax and I said paint the back of my house!!!

What made me think of this now? Well over the past few weeks I have been setting up my Etsy shop petiteFrenchfancies; and encouraged by incredible media savvy friend this has also involved linking it all together, as a brand. This blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pin interest. It has involved sharing pictures of my house (people tell me that they love it and my style -but more of that in a minute.) and hours of research for the items I am selling as well as adding them to my shop. It has meant relentless promotion of myself, which I have always found alien to me (more of that in a minute) and it has all taken a lot of time. But what did I think? I haven’t got anything done!!!

You see when I sit a computer, or on my iPad (other tablets are available!) researching I think I am sitting on my arse not doing anything!! I have to stop that, and remember what my counsellor told me. Because now I have a paint shop following me on Instagram as well as some companies and I have made my first sale with a reservation as well. Not bad when you think I have only been really promoting it over the past month!!

So my message to you – write the list of everything you do in a day, from pegging the washing out, to watering the plants, and you will be shocked. Stop beating yourself up!

Secondly I have always believed that if you want something you have to focus on it and just keep working until you get it. But do you? If you are so focused on one thing how many other things are you missing that are being thrown at your head by life?! Where does your driver take you and what things does he show you, but you just ignore them because you are so focused on just achieving that one thing?

What made me think of that? I have been writing a book for some time, but clearly that is not ‘earning’ me any money. But if I don’t write it (and I have nearly finished it and sent it off to a publisher for review in the last month) and just focus on doing work that is earning me money, then it will never be published and I will never earn money from it and will just have to keep doing what I am doing because I need money!! Get it? If you just keep doing what you are doing you are always going to get what you have got!

So my mini bus driver decided that he would take me down the road of Osteoarthritis and I now have it in both my thumbs. This means that I cannot keep doing what I have been doing because my hands won’t let me. So I have continued with my Etsy shop, worked had adding photos and stories and promoting it and I have had my first sale. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something? I could have thought ‘no I need to do work that will provide money now, not in the future’, but then I would be stuck in the loop, so life took it out of my hands (literally!) and proved to me (again) that we do not always have to go on a straight road.

Thirdly, everyone who knows me will tell you that I am extremely confident person; and I am in some ways. But  although people have always loved my houses, (even last week my lovely husband looked at me as I dusted and rearranged out things and said “I love how you make a house a home.”) and I have been told many times that I should go into interior design, because I have an eye for the eclectic,  for some reason I have never had the confidence to believe those people.

I have always listened to the n’er do wells that have said ‘mmmmmmmm’. But last week an email popped into my in box quoting the late and wonder Dr Wayne. W Dyer. This email was about understanding how our mind can make things happen if we just believe; and then my wonderful friend Linda, who lives in America but follows me on Facebook, asked me what the letters in this picture spelt out…bliss


When I replied to her she gave me the most wonderful comment about how she would love to relax in this room. Someone was telling me something!

So, after I had received some criticism this week about my abilities, I decided that f**k it! I was going to believe in me and what I was able to achieve; and I went ahead and did what I thought was right.I closed my eyes and I said ‘ I believe in me.’ since then things have took off. …..

I now have over  two hundred followers on my blog, and they are growing all the time from all over the world, and from my various sites;  as are my followers on Instagram, and my shop has now had just under 300 views.  Many friends have also shown support and encouragement (and  a big shout out to Karen for that one!) My mini bus driver stopped and picked Ms Livermore up, so that she could help me believe in myself, and then others have joined in as well. Someone is definitely trying to tell me something.

And then finally today. Today I opened a message in messenger that was explaining about the negative things we say every day that impact on our subconscious and therefore how we approach life; how the words actually act like blockers and stop good things coming through. For example how many times do you say:

‘I have to……’

Do you? Do you really HAVE to? Or do you want to? That is something entirely different. If you HAVE to then is your subconscious saying that really you don’t want to?

“I have to go to the shop to get milk.” No you don’t! You can choose not to go, but then you can’t have a cup of tea with milk, but you don’t HAVE to, you want to because you want tea with milk!

I have read this to Rich and now he picks me up every time I say it – see! Because I am a doer!! And he is right I must (oops not must!) I need (oops I don’t need!) I mean it is beneficial to me to understand that I choose to do what I do, and if I choose not to do it I will probably get it done a lot quicker than if I keep telling myself that I must!

“I HATE that it gets dark earlier now.” Do you really hate it? Seriously or do you just wish that the evenings were lighter for longer?

“I would NEVER do that” I know what my book is about, and I can tell you that you can say never if you like but until you are there, you just don’t know and will probably surprise yourself!

I thought that I would share this with you all, because I know that some people will really think about what I have said, and then apply it to their lives, and I am confident that they will benefit from it. But then there will be the ones that don’t but hey ho, I tried!

So my message to you this fine afternoon is from Lao Tzu and the 57th verse of the Tao

‘Let go of fixed plans and concepts,

and the world will govern itself

How do i know this is so?

Because in this world,

the greater the restrictions and prohibitions,

the more people are impoverished………’

‘I take no action and people are reformed ….’

‘If I keep from imposing on people

they become themselves.’

Have a good week – and please share and comment, or rate this post, I really do love all feedback, it means I have touched an emotion and as an aspiring writer – that is all I need!!


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