The Cast

Rich – my lovely husband

Harley – the stubborn Welshie, and our spoilt furry son.

Molly – Our “Old Girl” and also “Cowbag Kitten” (age does not come into it!)  She is in her 16th year and a beautiful tabby cat.

Diddies – Our “Scat Cat”, she is a fluffy black and white with rag doll in her, and cannot work out why when you pick her up she goes all floppy.

Daisy – Our gentle black and white cat, who is huge and is also  known as” The Bouncer”, as she never attacks, just “has a word” and tries to keep the peace.

Tilly – Our tiny black cat, who was the runt of the litter, and has more personality than than anything, or anyone I know. She is naughtiness personified. Also know as “Tillybet” or “Tinky Tiny Tilly”

Sophie- Our new addition. She is French, we have just given her a home, part feral with no teeth and six years old.

Watch this space as the cast will be added to not least with chickens!!



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