So we wanted an adventure, and we have really got one now!

In the last 19 days Rich and I have travelled backwards and forwards between Mayenne, where our new home is, and Ruille sur le Loire, our rental property, 9 times to move our belongings, a total of 1620km!

On Saturday we were heaving heavy furniture in 38°. To say we are now knackered is an understatement. But the positive is that we are now fitter than we have been in a long time, and have both lost over half a stone in weight.

I have a chronic injury to my psoas muscle, and when I lived in Herne Bay I struggled to get off the sofa because of it. Now it hardly plays me up at all apart from when I am trying to get in and out of high vehicles, when I then have to do an impersonation of a weeble because my leg muscles just don’t have the ability to pull my heavy arse up!

On Monday when we had moved all my plants and arrived back at our house at 9.30pm my newly found muscles saved me, after I had a nasty fall in the barn in the dark and fell onto the arm I have broken 4 times already. I swear that if I hadn’t got my newly found fitness I would have had a nasty situation on my hands.

Hey ho, all part of the adventure!

I have added some picture of our new home, with all of the aforementioned plants, so you can start to relate to what we are doing. Look out for many more.1439363214808-1782635099