My Home – the trees




So we have been living in our house for nearly 7 weeks now and have started to have time to really get to know our new home.

We have .8 of an acre of land with so many trees you cannot see our house from the road. We have at least 2 oak trees that are well over 300 years old (our house was built in 1812, as we are confidently advised by the statue of the Virgin Mary who sits in the small alcove our our barn). Rich and I have had to confess to each other that when we sit in the garden looking at them all we do feel daunted, as we do not have a clue about trees! But hey ho that is all part of the learning curve, and what you don’t know you can always find out.

But … to wake up each morning and see the beautiful pine tree that is in my garden, towering above my house, to smell its beautiful fragrance on a damp autumnal day, to clip my washing line to a 300 year old oak tree, knowing the stories it could tell, really is an amazing feeling. To put my line prop in the crook of the arms of silver birch and to listen to them all rustling in the breeze, that is rapidly turning into a wind as the autumn fights her way in, to hear no other noise is a gift.


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