New experiences – the seasons

After living by the sea for over 12 years and experiencing all of the seasons in that environment I can honestly say that I was never as excited as I am now about experiencing the seasons as part of my new life. For me it is going to truly be a big part of the adventure.

Rich and I were talking the other night, over a vin rouge as is the norm, (of course we live in France!) about how excited we were with regard to the changing seasons. It will be like seeing them all again for the first time, because our environment is so vastly different. This is for us one of the most amazing parts of the adventure, seeing things that we have seen so often before in a completely new way; whether this is because our life is so different: simple, careful, considered, that it makes us look at everything in a different way, which is something that we love.

(I know that there are some people who will read this and think “but that will wear off” so I would ask them this question it took me 52 years to get bored and disillusioned with my life in England, what makes you think it is going to take me less to do that in France. -Sorry to those who do not think that but I have always said that my blog is going to say it like it is, and lets be honest we know that those people exist.)

But back to my post.

Admittedly I have already had the sizzling summer, where at times the temperature was 37 degrees at 9.30pm, and where even I, a confirmed sun worshipper, did not feel the need to sit in the sun. But this was not in my new home, so I am looking forward to all 4 seasons over the next year, in all their glory, and to share those experiences with you, especially the disillusioned that may be thinking of taking that chance and making that change.

Lets look forward to Autumn, who is already circling us with her misty mornings (I live on top of a hill in a valley so the mists are truly something to behold), the odd red leaf turning red and gold, the cob nuts, walnuts, and abundance of crab apples in my garden, (deadly if they hit you on the head because trust me they come down with an almighty thwack!!), the light breeze quickly turning into a whipping wind, and her smell each morning. We all know that sometimes although you cannot see Autumn you can surely smell her, and feel that autumnal nip in the air.

So Rich and I are preparing. The logs have been delivered, dumped on our drive (you have to save money where you can over here) and stacked by Rich and myself. No mean feat but “think of the calories” is what I always say.

Come on Autumn bring it on…….

log pile 2015


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