The renovation continues

  • imageAnd so it begins!! Well actually the work on the living room began 2 weeks ago.

We discovered that our house, that was built in 1812, needs to breathe. It has no damp proofing course ( they didn’t exist), and as time has gone on it has had lining  paper, followed by anaglypta, followed by paint added to it’s walls,  it was, quite simply, suffocating. The water was trapped in the walls with nowhere to go. Add to that the guttering was blocked, totally overflowing (there’s a story there of a man and a welshie getting covered in crap when they finally released the blockage!!!) so our lovely house needed help.

We we have been working hard, it took over a week to get the crap off the walls, but I love it when you start to paint the walls and see it taking shape.

Look out next week the photos of our beautiful living room finally looking like home, I love it.



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