Our new friends, the neighbours, getting to know you.

On Saturday the 2nd of January Rich saw the neighbour  as he was coming out of the cellar door (as I am writing that I am starting to realise that Rich spends a lot of time in the cellar, and hiding in the chemin me thinks. Do you think he is trying to tell me something?) The neighbour asked him how he was and Rich said that his head was tres malade (very ill). The neighbour found this very funny, and had a good chuckle whilst also confirming to Rich that they would be coming around to our house on Sunday as agreed.

Rich came running into the kitchen in a panic and said “Did you know that we had invited the neighbours around on Sunday?” to which I replied “No I know you invited them around to see our renovated house with electrical wires everywhere, paper still hanging off the ceiling, and various other uncompleted jobs because  we have only just started the renovation and it is many years away from being finished!”

The worry for me was what do you give to French people when they come round? I have never entertained French people and was in a panic. Rich had offered them (during his calvos moment) a sample of hot chilli con carne that I make, bless him. So after much deliberation I made a chilli, decided to go all Anglais and cut up cheddar cheese into small squares, (none of the Super U cheddar Rich and I will have to have that), a sample of mince pies (because I had forgotten to buy any chocolate!) and some salt and vinegar peanuts from Angleterre; and before any of you scoff our new French friends loved them!! Who would have thought?

The chilli was liked by two out of the four, but the sweet chilli Doritoes were loved by all. One of them advised that he liked espice (spices) but only Sel and Poivre (salt and pepper!)

In addition I made them English tea but even my smallest mugs were too big as the French had explained that they were astounded when they went to England and ordered a coffee and a beer, only to be served up, in their words, “grand, grand cafe et le beer? Ooh la la!!!” We need to buy some small cups!

Rich and I laughed after and said God knows what they would have thought of the humongous mugs we have our cup of tea in when we get up.

The biggest success however was the iPad and Google Translate, they loved it, and it did make communication much easier, especially when they asked how Rich had been after last Wednesday and we were able to advise that he had been very ill, which they all found very amusing.

A few glasses of wine were consumed and overall a pleasant civilised few hours were had; and they have kindly invited us to another soiree on Saturday night and are picking us up.

Luckily they all like animals, which is a good thing in our house, with cats living on the fridge, and naughty Welshies. No surprise to know that Squiggle piglet decided that she would jump up “cheeky” as he is now affectionately known, just after coming in from the garden. You can always rely on her!

Its great to be integrating; the adventure is really getting going now!





    • Hi guys sounds hilarious and definetly part of the fun and adventure!! I am liking the French word translation it is reminding me of my school room French .Happy New Year to you both and the menagerie .Love you lots

      Liked by 1 person

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