The simple things

it was  my birthday yesterday, my first birthday in France and what a way to spend it.

Rich has been in England for the past 4 days, and returned early hours of this morning so I have been in France alone (I found myself continuously singing to myself , in a Bonnie Tyler sort of way, ‘Lost in France’ , until I remembered that I’m not lost because I have a house that I live in and I know the way to that!) but despite being on my own I had a totally chilled time.  I blogged (although those that follow my blog already know that!), I read, and I drank some wine (of course!).

The weather was beautiful and it really felt like spring was in the air; so off we went, me and the Welshies. I thought that I would take some photos for all of my readers, because I know you love them. I hope you appreciate them as taking photos on your phone whilst walking 2 Welshies is not easy. In fact here are some of the pictures I didn’t mean to take because Harley decided we weren’t stopping…



This  is Harley’s lead!!


This is Harley’s lead and my finger!!



Thus is the grass verge and my finger! Are you enjoying it so far?

He’s a Welshie, that roughly translates to his a git!!

But I persisted, because I am still amazed that I live here, and how breathtaking the views are. So here is the view down our lane towards our house, our lane is a 35 minute walk just to get to the main roads, and Ambrieres is full of dips and vales , one of the reasons that I fell in love with it, and you can see that our lane  rises and falls. To the  left of this photo you can just see the large window of our house (visible thanks to Rich chopping down the trees) the trees blocking the rest of the view of the house are ours and that expanse of land is the front of our garden, and the building to the left is our goat shed, even though we don’t have goats!


As we walk down the lane these are the views from both sides…


But every time I take this walk this oak tree is the thing that always stops me in my tracks, what tales could this tree tell? It is so so old, shows its battle scars, wears them with pride, and I love it.


The only thing is it is right beside a field with two mean lookin bulks in it, with just two strands of barbed wire attached to some flimsy looking posts between us. As we approach they are watching the Welshies as if to say they’re Welshies, and they can be bastards lets get them, bring it on Welshies. Harley is taking after his father at this point and oblivious to the bulls getting up, walking to the fence and looking at us like their going to crush us. Wiggle pig on the other hand is fronting them (it’s an Essex term, think confronting!), she’s looking at them, staring at them desperately trying to get to them, she doesn’t care that they’re bulls, she is Squiggle piglet the Welshie and nothing is going to stop her! She is a cow! I, in the meantime, am saying “it’s ok Mr Bull, we’re not going to hurt you, just walking past”. Squiggle piglet’s body language is saying “I’m gonna get you, i’m gonna get you, i’m gonna get you.” I drag her past the bulls apologising profusely (because they are seriously bigger than me!). There is however one flaw in my plan, I have to walk back to my house and pass them again. Luckily at this point they are looking at me nonchalantly as if to say ” oh it’s that mad English cow again! The one who talks to bulls!!”

On my return home I, of course, had to have a medicinal glass of wine!!

But the biggest thing for me this birthday was all the wonderful wishes I have had from people on Facebook, some who I have not had contact with in years, some new friends I have recently met, and wonderful friends I have had for many years. It meant a lot and thank you.

Oh yeah, and Rich coming home! Oops!!










  1. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day. Have enjoyed reading your blogs only came across them today whilst browsing. We don’t live in France but have a small place we are doing up, have had it just over a year. And I didn’t realise that rain water affects a septic tank. Something to look out for, although we are equally obsessed and check it everytime we come to France. Keep up the blogs!


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