Our ever evolving house.

I know that a lot of my readers like to read about what we have done new to our house, or in some cases the ongoing battle with an old house (it was built in 1812) . So here is an update:

We have acquired a new dining table,I know I blogged way back last year of how my darling husband had attempted to make us a table (see my home “The table – oh how I love my husband.) but I have always loved the base of the old Singer sewing machine tables (which you used to to be able to find in abundance over here but they are now being snapped up and shipped back to good old Blighty) so imagine my surprise and horror to find one just rotting away in the greenhouse of the gites, that Rich maintains and I help  him manage. Cheekily I asked the owner what she was going to do with it, as I knew that they were now returning to England, hence us now managing the complex for them, and she kindly said that I could just have it. Seriously!

Now I am very very very into shabby chic, and I like old things to reflect their journey, so I have sanded the top down (but not too much, the wood still shows the marks and varying varnishes that have been applied over the years)  varnished it, cleaned the beautiful base, leaving the odd rust spot that it has acquired over the years,and here it is, taking pride of place in my living room. It seats four and that is all we need, any more and we will just have to get cosy! The beautiful candelabra was a gift from my mother in law and is perfect in every way.


Now as many of you know  I like to get ideas from interior design magazines, and nothing much stays the same in my house (my poor husband I don’t know how he keeps up, or puts up with me sometimes!). Some of you may remember my shabby chic cupboard that I blogged about last September (you can find this in my home tagged the renovation project) well I decided that it was not right for the kitchen, so the butchers block came off of death row (as Rich puts it) and back into the kitchen, and I had an idea from a magazine about log storage, so made poor Rich took the doors off (no mean feat as it was from about 1930 and the screws were rusted to the bugger) and lo and behold we have turned it into a log store in our living room. I love it, and despite the grunting, and an afternoon of many expletives, Rich does too.


I have been speaking to Rich on the phone (I am away house sitting as you know) and have been looking at another magazine and decided that, as our house is small, we are not making enough use of the wall space, so we are off to some Vide  Greniers  (think boot sale only people put tables outside their houses) to get some crates which I plan to put on the wall as shelves. (Poor Rich I do feel sorry for him sometimes, I could just hear the resignation in his voice at the prospect of more drilling in our stone walls!)

We have now painted the walls in the kitchen five times, and sealed them three times, but the damp that had settled in the walls is still coming through, and in all honesty it will for the next couple of years I think. But hey ho, we’ll just make it a feature and go with the flow.

We are going to start on the pantry next, so look out for more photos, and I don’t know if Rich has noticed but I have surreptitiously been tearing large chunks of wallpaper off the wall in the toilet.I think he may have, especially as I have uncovered a vent (go figure the French tend to wallpaper over them, no wonder we had damp!) which now blows a gale onto your leg when you’re sitting on the loo! (Yes I did say sitting!)

Onward and upwards.







  1. I am loving the log cabinet especially the colour, shabby chic is something I am just learning about and would love to do some, just haven’t got round to it, what paint do you use? Love the table by the way x


  2. You’re a clever girl!!! It all looks lovely. My nan used to have a singer sewing machine with that table – long gone unfortunately xxx


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