Friends visits, exciting times


So my friend Nicky is coming to stay with us for a few days, with her two teenage daughters Georgia May Loolly (she’s 16 this year so she’ll kill me for that, but I think it’s funny!), and Amber Bamber, who I think is more interested in the dogs than us if she was honest, they have been to the spa to get themselves ready.

I have been friends with Nic for twenty-nine years, a frightening amount of time that makes me feel old, and we have been through many times, good and bad, together. I haven’t seen her for over a year, and I am very excited to see them.

Nic has been through a tough time this year, sadly her mum died earlier in the year, and I  hope that coming here and just being in close touch with nature, and enjoying the really simple life,  will replenish…

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