My old friend Boo, sadly missed but happy in her new home

imageAs I sit here in the garden in twenty five degree heat looking out at my beautiful surroundings, I still miss Boo Boo Bear. ( please see a poignant goodbye, fir  those who are not aware of who Boo Boo is.)

I find myself looking at her favourite bush, that she would happily spend hours in, and cannot walk around this beautiful garden for fear of all the memories that might jump out and bite me.

But then I stop myself, and tell myself that I am being selfish. I miss her companionship but I know that she is not missing me because she is having such fun. For those who would like an update, she has three new sisters, a dog flap to wander in and out of, goes for so many walks each day, and sleeps beside her new daddy every night. Here she is snuggled after a long walk, you’ll need to look closely as her sisters have snuggled up,to her.

She chases rabbits in the morning and walks along the beach and in the woods, and this week she is off on holiday to Jimmy’s farm, she is having the life of Riley!

So I need to stop maudlin, enjoy my new mate Pumpkin the cat, and the new chickens who I have affectionately nicknamed Clyde and the Bonnies.

But most importantly a special thanks to my friends Mary and Den for embracing her into their home, and making her one of the family, it takes a special kind of person to rehome a dog (I know we’ve rehomed two!!! ) no seriously seeing her so happy is a joy,and I know others will think the same.




  1. Ah bless, thank you. Boo is an absolute star and is well settled, in fact I was going to take a picture of her today laying n the sun in the garden but she then decided she was to hot and went in! She is now back on a very long lead after having us chase her for three hours the other morning! We had just about given up ever being able to catch her when we walked over to the camper exhausted, to make a cup of tea and as I sat down on the step who came over and put her head in my lap and looked at me with those beautiful eyes! I just fussed her as I was so glad that she came back to us I couldn’t be angry with her. I can laugh about it now picturing Den walking up and down the beach, climbing the cliffs etc etc. But we love her to bits and hope we will eventually be able to let her run free again. I will let you know how she gets on on her first holiday xx

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