Isn’t life funny? Re-unions, reflections, realisation.

Hi to all

Yesterday one of the friends who recently got back in touch with me, a friend from school, came to visit me; her daughter lives over here, and we realised she was just an hour away, so whilst visiting her daughter she came to visit me.  When she first made contact  I was flattered that she had been looking for me for some time on Facebook, because she really wanted to get back in touch.

It was wonderful to see her after so long, we all had a lovely lunch, and caught up about our lives and what had happened to us. As part of this we both reflected on our school days together and I realised that we think that we know people, especially when we are young, but very often we have no idea what is going on in their lives; and sadly we very often carry on doing that through the rest of ours.

Our re-union was an emotional one, and I was so shocked to hear her say that she always wanted to be like me, because I seemed as if I always had it together. I’m flattered but know that was not the case.

On reflection it was a facade that I put up when I was young, pretending that I didn’t care about what people thought, putting on a brave front. She said how I always seemed as if I didn’t care, and we had a long conversation about that subject and how if you do care soooo much about what other people think then they are living your life for you.

It is interesting that only now, at the age of 53, can I say that there are a few people who I do care what they think; but I can count those people on one hand. I know that people wish that they could have the ability to not care, not all people, but I have to be honest and say that most people that feel it is important to care what others think are very often like this because they too enjoy having an opinion on others.

Sadly for some it is because they have been put down so long that their spirit is broken and they allow others to constantly make comment, and have an opinion to make life easy.

I realised, on reflection after our re-union yesterday, that it has taken me a long long while for me  to get to the point that I don’t care, and it has mainly taken place in the last nine years. With all of the vitriol going on in the world at the moment I wish that other people that are dear to me were able to “not care.”

But it has also made me think how life is funny because i realised that I have made friends since moving here, a cyber friend who I have met through our mutual love of blogging. For some reason I have connected with her, she is a kind and thoughtful person, and her feedback to me with regard to my writing has inspired me, I think it is because there is no agenda with her, just a willingness to encourage others.

I have now met Trish’s daughter, a forthright and open woman, and as most of you know I really respect that, who knows I may have to include those whose opinion I care about on two hands soon!!!

So as I sit at my desk today, looking out at the garden I am reminded that life is funny sometimes, how moving here, starting my blog has re-united me with old friends and made me some new friends; it has enabled me to let some old friends go. Our re-union yesterday reminded me not to always taken people on face value, and to realise that my mad ravings at time can, and do, inspire some people.


That’s all I do it for.

(It just makes me giggle that it pisses others off!!!!!) I hope that makes some others who read this giggle too.


More French life posts to come this week – look out………







  1. I wish you would stop telling people we are 53, I’m still basking in a 40 year time warp! 😜 Seriously, sometimes it is good to revisit past times, try to right some wrongs, explain what was happening at the time and why we do the things we do… My school days were the happiest in my childhood, and I don’t forget the people who made it that way… Sooo good to see you again and catch up. Love your blogs, lovey, keep them coming! Xxxxx

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  2. Oh Moira you are such an inspiration to me, I love the way you tell the world to go away in the nicest of ways, but how lovely to re-find your old friend and her daughter, with all the uncertainty with our lives here it is light relief..x

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  3. Thank you my friend, you too are an inspiration to me, you have inspired me to move forward with a book, and when (not if!) it’s published Younwill be one of the first people I dedicate one to, and when it’s a film!! You will be coming to the premier! Xx


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