Apologies for the lack of postings folks but this one is immediate.

We’ve had a day out today and on the way back we’re watching a balloon race high in the sky against the sunset, it was a wonderful sight. Little did we know that they would soon be over our garden, crashing into our trees, and landing in our neighbors garden. God, I love living here!

The neighbors children were in the field, and the balloonists were calling out to us all – surreal!! ” Bonsoir” they called, nonchalently, as they crashed into our trees. “Ceva” (okay)? ” qui” I said, as if it was normal for a man to be crashing into the trees in my garden ” c’est bein, et vous?”  I asked. As if it was all normal, when really it was surreal. Friday night in my garden surrounded by ballons!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Enjoy, I’ll try to download the videos!!!