So my first foray into growing my own vegetables has been (to quote Craig Revel-Horwood) a complete disaaaaaaaster darling!!

After much sweating and hard work digging up the grass I planted out some sweetcorn seeds and some spring onion seeds. Nothing!!! Nada!! No shows!!! In fact the area where I had planted was so covered in bloody weeds I couldn’t even remember where I had planted them!

I also grew cucumbers from seed. Planted about fourty seeds and for quite a long time there was nothing!!! Nada!!! No shows!!! (Yes there is recurring theme here.) But suddenly miracle of miracle two little shoots showed their faces in the middle of June (it was a slow start t summer throughout Europe this year it appears.) I planted them out and one died! But one survived yey!!! It grew one cucumber- one!! I little fat round cucumer that looked like a green…

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