It’s been busy and eventful.

Hi to all and apologies for the delays in writing my blog.  Also a massive thank you to all those who follow it, you inspire me.

So what’s been happening in my adventure? Lots!!

The jeep has gone back to England to be sold and I now have a lovely little Smart car to whiz around the French roads in. A wonderful friend has helped us source and acquire it and I love it. Talk about go from one extreme to the other, from a jeep to a Smart car. It is left had drive, only takes twenty euros to fill the tank, which then gives me over four hundred miles, brilliant!!

Rich and I have had a giggle when we had both the Welshies in the back, looking like two nodding dogs ( I will get a photo I promise!) with three bags of shopping and me in the front with another two!! Off we go whiz, whiz, whiz!! A big thank you to our really good friends.

Also Rich has lost and acquired new work, all part of being self-employed, and sometimes life shows you the way,  but time consuming all the same.

The new insurance for our house and cars is set up, Allianz can shove it, and the battle with them continues.

I have also had a problem with the keyboard on my computer and the keyboard is not responding, especially the A, which is quite a problem when there is an A in your password!!

But not to be deterred off we went and bought a plug in keyboard which, it turns out, is Azerty not Qwerty so the keys are not the same as an English keyboard;  for example where the A would be Q is instead, and where M would be there is the question mark and so on; but….. weirdly when you plug it into an English device and just type as you normally would it comes out with the English alphabet; fine for me as I can type and don’t look at the keys anyway, but no good for poor Rich.

Hey ho I’m back writing which is a good thing because I am now on page thirty-five of my book, and will  be blogging a lot.

We have had friends over, finished painting the windows – pictures of some updates coming up in another blog – and are busy battening down the hatches for winter. We had a massive bonfire of all the old trees, whilst our friends were here, and all of the remnants of old trees that we dragged up in the spring are now gone. Note the Welshey posing with the fire.

We are now set to try and sort the vegetable patch out, I’ve decided I’m not giving up and will feed the vegetable patch with my ever growing compost (thanks to Rich and his weeing on it!) and we have an old rug that has sadly been eaten whilst in the barn, a hazard of living in the country, so it will now cover the manure, cardboard and compost and let it ferment nicely for the winter. Yum!

Rich has also cut up all the parts of trees destroyed by the tornado and I have lovely artistic piles of logs all around my garden. I’m leaving them there because I love the rustic look that they add to the garden. Note the Welshey posing in the background – I do like a recurring theme!

And on a final note I thought that I would share some pictures of things I love dearly,  before I go off to watch Strictly (yes I have moved to France but that will never change!) I thought that I would share a recent picture of myself and my lovely husband, looking sexy as ever with the beard he has grown. (My husband not me!!)


And a picture of Wiglet, who will have lived with us a year tomorrow. Little Titties Tourettes as we call her because she barks and then looks at us as if to say “I don’t know why I did that!” and the titties bit for obvious reasons! We love her  so much and thought that we would share her with you on her “gotcha” weekend.


Have a good weekend everyone.

Look out for more posts, and as always please comment and  share with others.

Moisy x



  1. Lots of fun details as you sort out your new life in the country. Who would have thought how perfect a smart car would be for those dozens of short trips? Nice picture of the two of you also (I really like your grey ankle boots).

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