Why oh Why do we do the things we do?

Hi to all

The Hooley of last weekend passed us by, and left behind some still windy and rainy days. Our house, situated where it is at the pinnacle of a hill (“Never buy a house down a hole m Dad said!” And whilst he was right he should have also said “Be careful buying a house on a hill, because the winds will be unbelievable!”) But we have, and to be honest I would not give up living here for all the world, with these views? Every day they make me smile.


Anyhow on with the story. After the Tempete (Tempest a storm with wind) the wind and rain were still battering our house and the top windows, whilst renovated, had not been sealed and had draft excluder added. We looked at the windows, and felt where the window along the bottom of the window sealed with the frame,  and realised that they were not particularly sealed and a little mini hooley was blowing in, along with a lot of rain! So, in our infinite wisdom, we decided to draft proof them, and not content with that, scrape off all of the additional paint that remained on the glass after I had painted them at the end of the summer. (I am a good painter honest, but I do like to get a good seal between paint and wood or putty, to stop the paint lifting. Well that’s my story anyway, but husband does not believe me!)

Now draft proofing them meant that we had to open them! IN THE RAIN, with the remnants of the hooley! A quick reminder, for those who have a bad memory and new readers, our windows are quite big.


When you open them only the small part of the side remains shut.

We had not choice, we went for it and opened them. I have never scraped windows so quickly in my life, and I like to think that the torrential rain helped me in the process; or then again, it may have been the three cats who had been asleep on our bed at the time, and who had quickly woken up as the wind and rain blew in,  looking at us as if we had lost our minds and meowing very loudly.

As I scraped like “The Flash” I was saying “bear with mummy girls, I won’t be long and then it will be all snuggly”. Cats have a way of looking at you as if to say, “you are a silly cow mummy, have you completely lost your mind?”

But fear not! Once both bedrooms windows had been scraped and sealed the rooms are truly snuggly, and the cats are now in the warmest cat campy ever, on our bed!

Now I have got the bug again (Oh no! I hear my husband cry) and we are going to move on to decorating our bedroom and making it beautiful in time for Christmas. It will cost us nothing, always a good thing, because we already have the paint and the scaffold board I am going to use as a shelf.

The only problem we can foresee is that the paper seems to have some sort of string running through it, and I think it will be a future battle to get it off. Add to that it is also painted in non porous paint (I don’t understand why French people insisted on painting old buildings, without foundation with non porous paint and then wondering why they have damp!) and it will be a joy of all joys (I want you to imagine me singing that in the same way you  would sing hallelujah, or rejoice in a Christmas carol sort of way.) We do have a steamer to help get the paint off, but bear in mind that I have just sealed the windows, mmmmmmmmmmm.

In addition to the decorating I have ambitiously announced that I am also going to seal the floor. The reason why this  is ambitious is because I also have seven items of furniture that have to be painted and shabby chic’ed to the max ….. all in time for Christmas.

Over to me…….. and hubby, of course!

Have a good weekend folks, and look out for the photos I’ll post some before and after.



As always if you like my blog please help to get it out there.






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