A quick post because we are off for lunch by the sea

Hi to all

A very quick post for all those who have asked for some more from me. I always seem to be apologising for the delay in posting and must get my act together and draft some posts in advance. (Although that did not seem to work because I have a half saved post from last week that I have still not got around to completing!)

On to our adventure today.We have been acquainted with a couple over the past year who have now become our firm friends. We love spending time with them because one is French the other is English. Rich has known them longer than me and has always said that I would get on with the lady in question so well. He is not wrong.

Two weeks ago they came to Sunday lunch, which is different to Sunday lunch in England, not the traditional roast, and we had an English, French Mexican combo. They bought over their dried ham which we had with cornichons (small gerkins) tiny silverskin onions, crackers, and cheddar cheese. We then had chilli made with bourginon beef, roast potatoes so that I could introduce something English, which they loved, and some of the sausages that I had in the freezer that I had purchased from the wonderful English butcher in Gorron. As always they loved them, if you remember from my post about our BBQ last summer introduce an English sausage to the French and they love them. (OOh Matron!) I followed this all with homemade mince pies (no I did not make my pastry!) and they loved them also.

The Welshies, as always, were on their best behaviour and they left wanting to take them home as most people do. We really had a wonderful time and it was very French in the way we talked and ate for hours, not wolfing it down in a quick sitting as we tend to do in England.

They have now invited us to  lunch in a pretty little seaside town, near Mont St Michelle. I am so excited, the sun is shining, we are going to eat seafood (and yes I have tried snails since eating lunch at their house) and the restaurant is posh! (Oh the Essex girl in me, she is still there!) So I had better get going because most of the time I tend to dress down and this time I need to dress up, and put some decent make up on.

I promise I will update you about it all tomorrow.

Have a lovely Saturday.




  1. Enjoy Mois, don’t forget to post some pictures of you all, I bet it will feel funny after being Tom and Barbara so long! Lol xx


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