Before I start this post I will say that my dear cousin, Patrick,  in Ireland will be reading this and thinking “ain’t that the truth!”

But seriously Rich and I have been really ill with the dreaded Winter vomiting bug, also know as Norovirus. I came down with it fully early hours of Monday morning, when I found that I could not make it to the loo in time and had to use the bathroom sink! Rich came down with it on Monday morning and is still poorly as I am typing this, and still contagious.

My ribs ache three days later from the ferocity of throwing up and when I stood in the dark in my toilet I seriously thought “Jesus!! I am like the girl from the exorcist!!”

I could not go and paint my dear friends floor, which I am doing as part of the portfolio I am going to put together because I am considering registering as a decorative painter, I love it, I am really good at it, and, as my friend said, the fact that I love it shines through. (I hear a flurry of keyboard activity with people looking me up now to see if I am registered, but, still, it if gives them something to do!)

I have not been able to go to my friends for a few days one because I have been so ill, but also because it is so contagious and it is so dangerous for older people. So this blog is also about this, I don’t think that much of the NHS at times but one thing I do know and respect is that I learnt is that you should not put yourself in contact with people for at least 48 hours after your last episode or you will continue to spread it. It is in France at the moment and spreading fast so please people if you have neck ache, stomach ache in your upper stomach between your ribs watch out, and don’t put yourself in contact with others.

This is the second time I have been ill in 2 months and I am someone who “doesn’t do ill” and won’t give in to it. Rich and I were talking about it in our sick bed, which we were in all day on Monday, and half a day on Tuesday; and we think that because we live in such a fresh environment, and do not really come into contact with large groups of people in confined areas (even when we go for a coffee we have the dogs with us and sit outside.) when we do then enter these environments perhaps our immune system is not able to cope with it. Add to that the copious amounts of wine we drink!!

But on a serious level this meant also that I could not have the French lesson at my house because Rich is still contagious and will be until tomorrow evening; I will miss my friends. There is no lesson next week so I will be getting withdrawal symptoms!

Anyway look on the bright side we have not had a drink since Sunday, and there is not a sight of one on the horizon, oh no!! We feel as if we have been kicked by horses, so we have a very healthy week ahead.

Keep smiling