Persephone is on her way…….


I started this post in February, but as you know, from my previous post, life took over and I was not able to post it, so here is my new beginning…..

It is March the 1st  and officially spring; but nature has seemed to be waking up early this year, Persephone must be on her way back from the Underworld.

Spring has been coming for some time, the last few weeks when we were working in the garden  I went out with my two obligatory sweatshirts on, only to find I had to take one off and would have taken them both off if I had not carrying logs and dragging branches.

We have been busy in our garden and all of the log piles that I posted about in the autumn have now been put away in the goats shed. So all little insects will now need to find another home.

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  1. Thank you for the mention dear friend, the hoar frost was so beautiful but has now gone, sadly in one way. it is so refreshing when everything comes back to life, regarding your geraniums, they will die completely but if you plant them in small pots and water them they should start to get green shoots.

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