Help me!! I am falling here!!

So as many of you know the roof blew off last year. The kitchen roof, not the main roof; and Allianz the insurance company out here (I strongly recommend you do not get insured with them they are con artists!) refused to pay out because they said it had not been maintained. As we had only lived here six months at that time and it was the winter we did not exactly have much time to repair it! But that is another story.

So last night we had torrential rain, in fact I do believe that a giant was standing above our house and pouring a watering can (obviously a giant one) over our little part of France, just the top of our hill!

Now as you know we have not had the funds to replace the roof so we have survived the winter with a tarpaulin over the it. But, I have to say, the tarpaulin did good up until last night when water poured through the roof. everywhere. Dripping from the lights Rich put up for my birthday (See posts in January). We had every bowl I own including salad bowls and soup bowls, cereal bowls and cooking bowls but still there was water everywhere in the old part of the kitchen. (The pantry we recently extended into did good and was okay.)  There were buckets and my washing up bowl over the floor and in desperation we even used a giant carrier bag or Sac as they say in France.

But serendipity has intervened and my husband now has the know how to repair our roof, and he took his friends advice and went and bought another tarpaulin to put over the one we have which his friend (who is in the know) said will last another winter until we have increased our stack of tiles and are able to do the whole roof.

Picture the scene back hubby came all confident in his shorts, trainers and with his tool belt around his waist. Up the ladder he went with me footing the ladder, onto the roof he climbed and then proceeded to slide everywhere. I looked up to see his feet and arse sliding towards me with him shouting help! Help! I am falling here! I am a gonner!!

Now is it wrong? But the sight was something to behold and he does not know (although he will when he reads this post)  I started to laugh; there I stood at the bottom of the ladder looking at my husbands arse hurtling towards me giggling whilst  also thinking shit!! If he falls we are stuffed, but I still laughed!!

When, after fifteen minutes he made his way back onto the ladder, having achieved nothing other than to cling to anything he could lay his hands on, I asked aren’t you supposed to put the wood you have cross ways across the other batons and then use it as a ladder? “Yes” he said.  To which I replied “So why did you go up there without doing that? Did you think you were Spider Man and you were going to just pull yourself up the roof with you web?”

So he put the batons on cross ways,  and the roof is repaired for another winter. “Why?” I ask myself sometimes “Why?”

Sorry but it is a bloke thing!!!

Look out for more, this was an impromptu post because I found myself giggling over it and thought I would share!! Hope it made you laugh even though my husband nearly died, it did me!!!



One comment

  1. OMG I can picture that now and must admit I too would have laughed especially as I could get my own back from when my arse went through your deck Chair!
    But honestly I don’t know how u do it having all that water coming in my kitchen I would be dying! 😲😲


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