Another poignant farewell, the end of an era.

Over the past two and a half years I have often mentioned some people who we met two years ago this month. Originally we met them through work (Rich would do odd jobs for them) but over time they became our good friends. In fact they became more than that, they became people who helped us in so many ways  over time, every step of the way during our adventure in France. From repairing our cars at the drop of a hat, to giving Rich work when they knew we needed the money. There was never any agenda all the help was given because they had remembered what it was like for life to be tough and as he (dad as we started to call him) used to say, “If you can’t help someone in life you might as well give up.”

They would say to us that we have helped them too, always been reliable and dependable, and more than anything people they could trust, because as you know from previous posts that is not a common thing out here.

My dear friend Mary took their beloved dog and gave her a home, when they could no longer keep her. Although they were heartbroken they knew, and still know, she is loved and safe. (See a poignant goodbye) I understand how that means the world to them. They knew that when we watched over their house we took our responsibilities seriously, and for that they appreciated us as much as we appreciated them.

But sadly, now the era has come to an end. They have sold their house and are moving to pastures new; and whilst I know I will see them again they are no longer a quick drive away. We helped them pack up and on Wednesday I found myself thinking how this will be the last time I drive this journey to their house, and on the way home this will be the last time I drive this journey ever. I looked around the beautiful garden, and the view from their conservatory, where I have often sat and watched the seasons changing in that wonderful way that France shows you; and I felt sad; I would not see another change of season here.

So this weekend they stayed their last night in the Pays de Loire at our house, in their camper van, on the drive, with the cat!! (Yes they are as mad as us.) We went out for a farewell meal, laughed at all the adventures we had had, and about our past lives and had a wonderful time. But yesterday morning the time came to say goodbye, and I cried. “We don’t do crying here!” Dad said in his best Yorkshire accent (no he was not wearing a flat cap at the time,but he might as well have been because he does have one!!) but I knew that was his way of not showing his upset, and as we hugged them goodbye I could see tears in her eyes, that she wiped away after getting into the car.

As the camper van and car trundled off down our lane Rich and I hugged each other and both felt immense sadness; and as if there was a small hole in our new life in France. But of course we wish them well in all there adventures.

I know that we will be in close contact again, but this is a chapter in our adventure closing; and, perhaps, because it is the first chapter that has closed that we really care about, it has made it all the more poignant. As I told them, I can honestly say that we would not have been able to continue our adventure and get to where we are today without them.

So here is to our good friends, we miss you already, in so many ways and we hope that life is kind to you.

Did I cry writing this blog? Of course I did!!


“Why do heaven and earth last forever?

They do no live for themselves only.

This is the secret of durability. ………”


“Serve the needs of others,

and all  your own needs will be fulfilled.

Through selfless action, fulfillment is attained.”

From Change your thoughts, change your life, living the wisdom of the Tao.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer


And now I have laughed because he is going to read that and say (in his best Yorkshire northern bastard accent) “What the bloody hell as she put that in for?!”

Love you both

Moisy and Rich xx



  1. Nicely written, and captures their personalities in just a few strokes. And after all, you are very lucky, because you and Rich are who you are, and will attract more good people to you. These are folks you will see again, and relish in catching up!

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  2. They came into your life when u needed them most and they are leaving now because their job is done. There is someone else out there that needs them now ❤️❤️


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