The renovation continues:My eclectic, bedroom inspired by nature and all things vintage

In the same vein as my earlier post in the week, nature and the sky has had a huge influence on my decorating styles over the past months. You cannot be influenced by such a beautiful place.

My spare bedroom (which some of you may remember I started some time ago) is now nearly complete – apart from the floor and the shabby chic’ing of the grandfather clock that seems to have made it’s way in there!!

To just update people this was the room with the mad clowns on the wall (tasteful) which had suffered terrible damp last winter. It needed to house our daybed,  a double bed for when people came to stay, and act as my office. A reminder of what it looked like when it was clearly inspired by the film IT!!! (The French do like a clown or two!)

As you can see it had become a dumping ground, the lights were hanging out of the wall and it was in desperate need of some ‘Moisy’ style renovation.

Now some of you may have noticed that grey tends to be my favourite colour!! And you would be right! But blue is also a favourite of mine, and I tend to lean towards a little bit of pink; however with this renovation life showed me the way. I had lots of pretty things that I wanted to incorporate into this room, and it needed to be multi-functional as it is also my inspirational writing room; so I started by deciding where the double bed, and the day bed would go,  that took nearly day in itself as we moved furniture around again and again like a weird waltz that you do with furniture instead of another person!

Once I had decided where the double bed would go I painted the wall behind the headboard grey – nothing new there then!! But then a strange thing happened……

I painted the other walls with  what was meant to be a colour paint from the grey spectrum, but it was blue!! So I went with it, because it really was a beautiful sky blue and after painting the walls I stood at the doorway to the room and   I saw this…


It  looked as if the bedroom just went on out into the garden and I realised why I had randomly bought a tin of green chalk paint (I have never used green in my decorating before!) It was a revelation, go with what nature does best!! So I did. I painted my tatty old bureau pink and shabby chic’ed it up…. (handles to be added soon!!)


Painted by 1940’s metal desk mint green, with a blue top……..


I call this inspiration corner because it has all the things that inspire me around me, like the beautiful butterfly card from my mother in law, settled on the corner of the mirror that I hand painted…..


And many moons ago I posted about the chest of drawers that I had painted cream, and then I painted them pink,,,,,,


Well now they are green and back upstairs!!!!


Rich does say that you have to be careful in our house because if you stand still long enough then you will get painted!!

There are no longer lights just ‘hanging’ out of the wall because my  clever hubby fitted some beautiful 1940’s French lights that I purchased from a vide grenier, and look how stunning they are when lit (for those interested I am selling similar in my Etsy shop petiteFrenchfancies, go take a look) with the flower shape cascaded up the wall, so eclectic, so original.


The daybed in it’s place by the window is perfect, you can sit on it, as I did last night. and just see the views down the valley. It is my oldest cats sleeping place during the day as I write. (The Teddy Bear is vintage in itself, my mum bought it for my son when he was born and he took it everywhere for the first four years of his life, he used to call it Mummy Ted, and she is twenty seven years old.)


On the wall above the bed I have re-used the old kitchen shelf that I shabby chic’ed two years ago.  The bliss letters I have had for over fifteen years, so I painted them pink and they now sit on the shelf, because our surroundings are bliss.


I have also taken an old drawer and with the help of hubby turned it into a fantastic, eclectic shelf, with the a pretty crystal handle still attached.  I love it so much, with the decoupage at the back that I am going to do some more and sell these also on my Etsy shop, each one will be unique and a pretty addition to any room in the house.


Our home is finally turning into our home as we use more and more of the pretty things that we have accumulated over the years, not least the moon on the shelf, or the Noddy plate, a christening gift for my son, I am just keeping it safe for him.


There is the rusty sky hook on the bureau, with recent additions of the old French photo, that I could not bear to sell, or the India Star petrol lamp on sale in my Etsy shop. You may also notice the set of pretty pictures that my sister cross stitched for me as part of my fiftieth birthday present. Their colours fit perfectly in this room

The curtains have been lost in a bag for many a time, when in fact they were crying to come out and be seen, with their bright red roses, and green leaves they were destined for this room when I bought them all those years ago……


Still never ceases to amaze me how life comes together when you need it to!

I just love this room, with all of the little things that we have acquired over the years, from my hand painted pen jar, on my desk, to my shaker angels that Rich bought me many years ago…

To my stars and hearts bought for me by friends over the years, and a new addition a tiny metal French children’s money box, in the shape of a van. Sadly it does not have the key and the roof is not attached just comes off  or I would have sold it in my shop; it is so quirky, but now I get to keep it and it goes perfectly in this room.

So many little interesting things, with the addition of the blue sparkling lights that I spent over an hour fiddling with as I twisted them around the bed headboard.


Just got to do the floor now!!!

I love putting things together, and my house is a house of vignettes; when people come to visit they always love it and say that there is so much to see, but that it all goes towards making it feel homely. Last weekend as I was tidying and rearranging things Rich looked at me with tears in his eyes and said I just love it how you make our houses home.  But that has not stopped him banning me from keeping anything else, although I am sure that I will get around him!) so I have turned my attention to finding pretty things for others homes. I have been told that I have an eye for things so have a look at the new things coming to my shop soon. Some are currently living in my home, but it is now a one in one out policy!!!

I hope you enjoyed the show, and please comment and rate the posts I love the feedback.













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