Wind, snow and a smart car!!

Over the past week  we have also been helping ‘Dad’ for a few days, and having a giggle along the way.

But coming home the other night we had the journey from hell… It is normally a two hour drive but we hit traffic at the busy port city of Caen where there had been four accidents, and there were grid locks everywhere.

Picture it ….. I am in a tinky tiny Smart car, following Rich in a huuuuuge van. We only had one sat nav between us (God knows why we did not bring two!) and I have no way of knowing the way home and I don’t have the Sat Nav!! But I had to let people in front of me, such is the etiquette where grid locks are concerned, well for me anyway!

I am sitting in my little car being blown about by the wind and unable to go over sixty kilometers an hour in case the wind picks me up and plonks me down in front of a lorry! There is traffic everywhere and Rich is about ten cars in front of me – I can just about see his tail light – bearing in mind that there are also about another fourty white vans around me I am hoping I am watching ‘his’ tail light!

The wind is blowing, the rain is sheeting down, I have bad eyesight and glaucoma so don’t see well to drive in the dark and add to that I am grizzling because I am lost. How I managed to use my sense and follow the right white van off the motorway I do not know but I did.  Bless Rich he stopped on the slip road (really dangerous) because he was so worried, someone was looking after us that night because how I did not get hit up the arse when I slammed my breaks on is beyond me!

But it did not end there…. we then had to drive through numerous villages and towns and down remote windy roads with lorries up our arse!! And then it started to snow! Add to that the lightening that then started to light up the sky and it was a joy. I did say to myself ‘you are ‘aving a f*****g laugh aren’t you?’ (you have to remember I am an Essex girl so this was said in what my international readers would consider a ‘cockney’ accent!) for others think Danny Dyer.

Bless my husband he pulled over and came running back to me because he was so worried about me – I was worried about me!!! But as we made our journey onwards it did not stop me looking at the Christmas lights and nearly crashing my car. Every little town in France has Christmas lights of some sort and it does lift your heart – although not this night when there seemed no end to the journey.

After four hours (the journey normally only takes just over two) we got home, and I made a mental note to use both of our sat navs in future – what a pair of silly arses we were!!!

Whilst I love it here the French people really are, from my experience, some of the worst drivers in the world. They don’t seem to have any spacial awareness, and take over on bends, brows of hills, in the snow, ice you name it they don’t slow down – they just keep driving! I think it is because the roads are not busy they forget that there may be someone else around that corner!

When we got home I have never been so grateful, the house was freezing (so yes, you guessed it we loaded the log burner!) and when I eventually sat down after feeding cats, dogs, putting the heaters on and getting into my jymbies (pyjamas) with my thick thermal socks and my slippers, glass of wine in hand, I thanked God for all my blessings. Not least my mad husband……

I love my home…… moldy walls an all …..



More posts are on their way – and as always please share.








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