8 things I didn’t know before getting a puppy

Another wonderful post about dog ownership, particularly Welshies!!! Love the way my friends life has changed forever.

Dylan's Welshie World

CCA668CD-C6DA-407A-811C-5C6BA3332C7C1. A relaxing bath would be a thing of the past

The other night I found some lovely expensive bath oil – leftover from my old life – and decided to have a bit of me time. Sink into the warm, fragrant water – and relax. Errr no! This did not suit Dylan at all as she barged her way into the bathroom, put two paws on the edge of the bath, started barking and did not stop until I got out. Which was in less than 7 minutes!

2. Getting ready to go out takes soooooo much longer 

Seems Dylan fancies herself as chief hair stylist/ make up artist. Well she must, as she grabs the hairbrushes and runs off. Ever tried blow drying your hair with a Welshie on your lap who refuses to move? And as for putting on make up – let’s put it this way…

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