Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen!

Another funny stury of puppy class with Dylan the Welshie pup. A must if you want a giggle.

Dylan's Welshie World

Aha! The mystery of missing in action Martha the Schnauzer and Eddie the cockerpoo was solved tonight. Much to Dylan’s disgust – and yes it was written all over her face – it was revealed that both her former partners in crime have been moved to the super advanced puppy class. A class that Dyls and I are never likely to see. But it’s Ok as Dylan has her new sidekicks, Molly the cavapoo and Dotty the Spaniel, who are coming along very nicely thanks to Dylan’s alternative training class in terrierism! Think of them as the girls who rule the school, or even the Bitches of Eastwick. And their Jack Nicholson arrived in the shape of Teddy, a rather frisky Spaniel who started class tonight and who seems to have raging teenage hormones! Now Dyls has form with Spaniels – funnily enough it’s only Spaniels, she’s like cat nip…

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