Love it when a plan goes…..wrong!

A really funny puppy class adventure. For all you dog lovers especially those eho love Welsh, wilful terriers.

Dylan's Welshie World

We were ready. We were prepared. We were going to conquer puppy class. Dyls and I were gonna rock!

Yeah well I ended up in a broom cupboard and Dyls got put on the naughty step, oh, and Boo the Cavapoo got sent home!

So much for planning!

And boy, had we planned. A walk later later than usual so Dyls could burn off some energy, upping the ante on treats with chopped up chicken, and hip flask in case of emergencies. What could possibly go wrong?

Some good news though Teeny Tilly the Chug has realised that resistance is futile has waved the white flag and stopped snarling at Dyls and the rest of the girls.

Anyway back to class and there was a frisson of excitement in the air, as it was the last day of term as due to the Easter holidays there is no class next…

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