L9ve this post, and the honesty, snd the fact that fears were faced, and crushed. For all those thinking about making a change. Enjoy….

Dylan's Welshie World

It was one of those beautiful March days that can take you by surprise.

Blue skies, so welcome after the grey of winter, the sun and a feeling of warmth – but best of all, you could sense the promise of spring. It was a day to be outside. I got Dylan (after doing several laps of the dining room table – which is now becoming a standard routine before every walk) and off we went. Although, from the look on her face you’d think I was planning on murdering her rather than taking her out for the day

If looks could kill! Major stink eye

We ended up in Maldon on the Blackwater estuary. I love the smell of salty water, the sound of seagulls and the bells chiming in the wind on the many boats and barges moored there.

Dylan bounced along the small quay. So many exciting…

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