When do you stay quiet?!

I think it is fair to say that I am a Tao’ist. I try to follow it’s principles in most of my life; and since reading and understanding it my life has become infinitely better.

So I have thought hard about this post because, on the other hand, as I have said many times before, I hate bullies, I am not a sheeple (see previous posts), and I want to write. The best advice I was given when I took up writing was not to worry about what people thought because if you did that would mean that you would not write anything because you would be held back by others. I took this to heart.

Last March I wrote a post about the exploitation that goes on over here in France with people that are just trying to make an honest living. In this post I also wrote about the people that ‘work’ over here and take the piss – not doing things that they have said they will do etc. It was a balanced post but I can only write about our experiences and as my husband is working over here, and because we are conscientious, we have had the piss taken out of us on many an occasion.

I have wondered whether it is best to give credence to the arsehole that I am about to write about because they clearly have a very large ego. But hey! As I never name anyone when I write a post such as this if they see themselves in it that is because they, themselves, think that they are an arsehole!!! Really! In fact this particular person is so up themselves that they posted on Facebook recently, because clearly Facebook is their universe, and so therefore everyone else’s, about work that had supposedly not been completed by awful tradesmen over here who were English. It touched a nerve and I decided that ‘hey’ why just share in France why don’t I give ‘said’ tradesmen a voice and share it across the world, because my readers are scattered far and wide!

Here goes…..

A few weeks ago a dear friend got Rich some work at a place that they were working at. Other tradesmen had walked off the jobs and the work needed to be completed. Rich worked there for three weeks, put up with the client calling them all lazy C***s virtually every day, and even worked late into the evening over his agreed hours because of the tantrums ‘said’ client kept having. The client said that they needed a handyman and even asked Rich to work on the Saturday. But something (apart from the name calling) did not ring true and Rich did not work the Saturday. In fact he decided that he did not want to be this client’s handyman because of their childish and arrogant behaviour. Rich knew he would not be paid until the end of the month (something very difficult for people who are mainly living hand to mouth) but he accepted this was the case. Guess what?! When the end of the month came the client ‘disappeared’ for the weekend and Rich did not get his money until over a week later and it was 200 euro less than the amount  that had been agreed. We took it on the chin, Rich wasn’t going back. (And yes all the petty people it has all been declared!!)

But what was more shocking was that the men that Rich was working with were not paid at all! The client refused to pay them until the job was finished to ‘make sure that they went back!’ These men had worked four of the five nights the previous week until 9 at night, because the client was behaving so badly; and now he was refusing to pay them anything!!

Why would they not go back? Also why would they go back if you don’t fucking pay them!!!

Understandably they have all decided not to return to complete the job until they are paid for what they have already done. Why would you go back to a job and continue to work for what could be nothing? After all, when a person has already reneged on an arrangement the balance of probabilities would be that they will not pay you what has been agreed. These men had no option but to not return. Guess what, arsehole, they need money to eat, put fuel in their vehicles, so they will have to go to jobs that pay them; and this is NOT you!!!!

So imagine my surprise when this person (and I hasten to add here I have not said whether they are male or female) then posts on a Facebook site how these awful people have not come back, how they ‘whinge’ and how French tradespeople are so much more reliable. Really?! They are also three times more expensive, and you have to pay them half the monies up front, with agreed payments throughout the job; and we all know you’re not very good at that!!! So good luck with that! The mistake the English workers made was that they believed the client on their word and did not give them what is known as a devis, which means that they did not get monies in advance.

This person decided to bully them further because they  knew if they replied then it may affect them getting work in the future. I have not named any of them – other than my darling husband – who does not want to work for people like that anyway, and had finished the job he was, as it appears, NOT being paid to do. This person has relied on the fear factor and thought that because as Facebook is clearly the only medium (I don’t go onto the group sites anymore because they are too negative), they were wrong!! I will speak up for the other workers  answer me, I will publish their comments if they do and let you all answer them – I know some of you will!!

What I will say, in defence of these tradesmen who have not been paid, is that if you are trying to name and shame then it works both ways. If anyone reads this and wants to know who NOT to go and work for then please contact me I will be happy to share based on our experience (although Rich got paid something!) and that of our friends.

What would I say to the ‘arsehole’?

“It’s all copy!!”

But I am picking up that you are too thick and up your own arse to realise it!!

Sorry folks, but I hate bullies.

Oh and to all those who think ‘ooh this may affect Rich getting work!’ If it is with arseholes he doesn’t want it!!! We have enough lovely people now that Rich works for. we are selective because money is not our God, and if we believe and stay away from negative arseholes then good things come our way.

Please folks if you are outraged by this story let’s make it go global, let’s stop the bullies there are too many of them in this world!!

I thank you in advance and would really welcome your comments.




  1. My amazing friend Moira has a way with words, that I could never put down on paper. My husband has worked from August for this “arsehole” every hour required until he had two days of to be with me because our beloved young dog died and to have a week of with his family, who he hasn’t seen for six months. For having this time off work this arsehole decided not to pay him a full months wage, but two weeks, because he can! I believe in karma….xx

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  2. I am gobsmacked, don’t quite know what to say! Can’t believe that this person is so venomous, let’s hope they do bite their arse! Still I am a strong believer in Karma so this person suddenly has a lot coming to them!

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  3. I’m sorry you and Rich (and the other honest tradesmen) have come across someone like this. I don’t understand how anyone can treat other people so badly. Hopefully Karma will strike and this person will get what he/she deserves.

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    • Yes I am sure that they will. When you consider what the men working for them knew of the person’s personal life it was not good, the karma was already happening they just couldn’t see it. X


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