And we are back… in the broom cupboard!

Dylan the Welshie pup, back causing chaos at puppy class. Her mummy? Back in the broom cupboard.

Dylan's Welshie World

And so after six long weeks we were back. The return to puppy class… and the irony wasn’t lost on me that it also happened to be Dylan Thomas day – the writer that Dyls is named after.

It might have been Mr Thomas’s day – but the night belonged to Dylan.

So we arrived, the reunion of the girlband Dyls, Molly and Boo was quite emotional, – and probably a lot more friendly than when Scary, Sporty, Posh, Baby and Ginger got back together!

It was a fur blur of jumping, shoving and general excitement all round, but a member was missing…. where was Dotty the Spaniel? It seems in the weeks we have been away – and turns out Molly and Boo have missed a few weeks because like Dylan they had their first season – Dotty without the influence of the three founder members, had been moved…

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