What a day…..of mixed culture and happiness…..

Hubby returned last night after being away for four nights, to sit in our garden in our newly designated seating area in the evening sun with my darling husband, and a glass of wine, was worth more than anything materialistic, it was something that could not be bought!

Now, today, we have and and mixed culture day (Harry and Megan would be proud) we are off to a garden party to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Megan during the day. I will be wearing (we all love a bit of fashion) blue cropped trousers, a white cotton blouse, and a red sparkly bracelet! I am going to be patriotic today!

Our wedding albums are ready ( yes we have two, we have had two weddings! Look out for the third one next year!) I have a hat, and my contribution of chicken Parmejano and garlic bread are made and ready to go.

Then tonight we have been invited to a party in a restaurant to celebrate our lovely French friends and neighbours birthdays, God knows what the etiquette is, I just hope we get it right and look out for my next blog!

A busy day, but the biggest thing that took me by surprise was the when tears came to my eyes when I was watching T.V. and listening to the cheers from all the people lining the streets for the Royal wedding. I suddenly felt, for the first time, a longing for England and very patriotic…..Where did that come from?!

So let’s raise a toast to Harry and Megan, and say sante to our French friends, what a mixed day we are going to have! Have a good day folks.



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