I have a feeling….



…..That this summer is going to be a good summer, with lots of laughter, with lovely people, any number of adventures with the three Welsh Terriers, and, of course, copious amounts of wine! ( As if I needed to say!)

Firstly, and in eleven days time, our dear and close friend Karen is coming to France for three months, originally to dip her toe in the water, but as we now have countless houses to view, I think the toe has already been dipped and she is jumping in feet first!

Karen has her own story to tell about what has led her to where she is now, and it is certainly one where life has made so much change for her, it has made her re-think everything. For those who love dogs, and relate to getting to an age and thinking ‘is this where I want to be?’ Check our her blog Dylans Welshie World, some of her puppy’s antics will have you in tears – especially how long Karen spends in the broom cupboard at puppy class!

But back to this summer of house hunting, bbq’s, good friends, and happiness….

As well as Karen and Dylan joining the fold, our good friends and old neighbors, from England, are coming to visit in July. I have missed my chats with my friends, the very same friends who did not want us to leave for our adventure just because they loved us,  and I am so excited to be seeing them again; and looking forward to the long evenings sitting in our garden, as the swifts swoop about, and the bats come out at dusk, as the owl (hopefully the one we saved, see my blog what is it about you and owls?) sits hooting in the walnut tree, as it has taken to doing in the evening recently.

We are going to visit some places we have not visited with our friends this summer, and will be re-visiting some old haunts like St Malo, Fourgeres, and possibly Amboise, a stunning medieval city that used to be the main residence of the Royal Family, it us truly one of the most stunning places I have visited in France, so who knows watch thus space!

In addition I have faith that my book will be published, and other things are coming our way, and whilst our lives will change ( because it is the only constant there is) I will never forget it is the people and the small things that always count. Like sitting here now, in the warm sunshine, under my favorite tree,


looking out at this…..


With my pink gin in hand, with my new plastic uce cubes (the only way to go!)


Or counting my blessings today when I looked at Harley today, because he is still here with us.

Never take anything for granted folks.

Happy Sunday






  1. Sounds like a good plan for summer – especially the part about pink gin! If she has not already, your friend Karen may enjoy searching on the Clé France website. Their search features would let her zero in on your area of the Mayenne if that is where she would like to be: http://www.clefrance.co.uk. They are an excellent UK company that coordinates with French real estate agents. (I am not affiliated, but we did buy our place through them years ago, and were very pleased).

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