Vintage finds, medieval castles, good friends, aperitifs and stars…..

Last weekend we decided to take Karen to an Emmaus. These are charitable organisations in France where anything (and I mean anything!) is donated to the charity, and the things are sorted into certain categories to be sold in huge warehouses. Now if you are a vintage freak, like me, or if you love old things, and the craftsmanship, the details, and the fact that nobody else would have an identical thing to these old things, then you would love the Emmaus.

So on Saturday off we trotted early in the morning to find some treasures. My husband found roof bars for his van, I found glasses, a vintage mirror and this stunning 1930’s cabinet.

After a morning of treasure hunting we then took Karen into the beautiful medieval city of Fourgeries. Situated in Brittany it is less than an hours drive from our house. As we walked through the tiny streets we questioned why we did not come here more often,…

With it’s boutique shops, beautiful cosmopolitan squares, and medieval castle, we made our decision to visit more often, whatever the weather. Something to look forward to, as I am sure it will change drastically with every season.

It was too hot to take the puppies, so we decided, after Karen and I saw the sign for moules and frites, (mussels and chips) to have a quick lunch. We found a tiny restaurant on the cobbled street that leads down to the castle; with a medieval dovecote behind us, and the vista of medieval roofs what a place to have lunch.

Sadly we could not stay for desert because we had arranged to meet two wonderful ladies at our home. So off we raced, working our calories off walking up the steep medieval hill back to the car, and arrived home to find the lovely ladies ensconced at our table and chairs dozing in the sun.

The British tradition of tea and cake took place, and it was a joy to spend time with some of the few nice British people out here; we have been blessed, we have found some amongst the sea of shit!

As they waved goodbye we then had to rush about as we had an invitation to our lovely French friends for aperitifs. Off we went still in our shorts with only time for a quick change of tops, to be greeted by our wonderful friends and their family. It was Michel’s seventieth birthday, and we were offered champagne, quails eggs, cheeses, melon, and radishes. Two hours on the dot, everyone got up to leave, aperitifs are only ever for two hours and no more.

By the time we got home we were worn out, and sat in the garden with the puppies, with a vin rouge watching the stars.

This summer gets better and better.




  1. So lovely to hear you and Rich are doing so well now, after all the struggles. I love the cabinet, and yes I would love that place but don’t think I could fit the cabinet in the car! 😂😂

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