A moment of poignancy as autumn looms

For those who have been reading this blog for some time, you will know that autumn always evokes a feeling of both sadness and anticipation in me. Sadness that the summer is over, and no more so than this year after the fantastic summer of madness we had, but also anticipation of the beautiful colours of autumn, the time of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ is already upon us. (I love that quote, what a fantastic line that sums the autumn up!!) but the days are still warm and the nights cool.

After a busy week (you may have guessed I have blogged nearly every day and there is more to come) Rich found that life had showed him the way with regard to the list of jobs that he had to do today, and that he only had a few hours of the afternoon and evening left to get something done, so he turned his attention to the pool – it needed to be dismantled and put away for the winter.

As  he set about taking the structure of metal poles away and this is what happened…

Now you may or may not know that our Harley boy the Welshie loves water, and the swimming pool this year was a reward for surviving his horrific operation last year when he nearly died. Although Karen bought Rich the pool as a birthday present it was also a gift for the dogs, but mainly Harley because we knew that hydrotherapy would help him. And, boy, did he have a wonderful time!!!

So as Rich took the pool down today he was despondent, his tail dropped and the look of sadness he had on his face reflected how Rich and I felt at that moment, knowing that the fantastic summer was gone. He stood in the last inches of the remaining water and despondently splashed his paw in the water. It reminded us both of how last summer Harley had been so well, with no sign of what was to come, and then we nearly lost him in the November, you can never take anything for granted.

After the pool was hung up to wash and dry Rich compensated by playing with Harley with the hose (we can now, we have water!) but we both said that, although we were looking forward to what was to come, we were both sad for what has passed.

Who knows where we will all be next year, with each other God willing.

Enjoy your weekend folks, don’t moan about the weather, enjoy everything life has to offer you because soon it will be over…and although there will be more to come if you believe I also believe that you should allow some room in your life for a little poignant moment…..




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