Dylan, the Welshie who proves that she’s to clever for puppy class ..

Dylan's Welshie World

We’ve been practising. After last weeks news that we have been entered for our Bronze Good Citizen award, Dyls and I are on a mission.

So it was with determined optimism we went into puppy class.

Dylan as usual had to do her meet and greet with everyone.

Not just the pupsters in her class, but those leaving the earlier class.

They all now know her and cry out “Oh here comes Dylan”.

What was the quote JFK said “I’m the man that accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Paris”.

Oh how I can relate, as that’s how I feel when I go anywhere with Dylan.

So after a protracted meet and greet, we remembered that Boo the cavapoo was on holiday this week, and Molly’s mum still grieving for little Maisie- see last weeks post- had decided to give class a miss tonight.

Dylan was without her girl band. But hey…

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