Change…..Let’s start with the season this week

After an Indian summer, we woke for the first time since April to misty windows. Over the weekend the autumn started to blow in, and we lit the fire for the first time in five months, and then, after two hours took some of our layers if clothes off because we were too hot! Such is autumn, fools you with warm days, and cold nights, sunny days with cool breezes, and then, like yesterday, torrential rain.

I had a memory come up on FB from last year, three trays of Walnuts that I had harvested from our huge walnut tree.

I realised that the temperatures had not been cold enough to encourage the walnuts to drop, but today I noticed Wiglet running around with a walnut (she loves them) and duly picked ten up from the grass. Let the onslaught begin, we harvested over four thousand last year.

Changes are happening fast now, last week the materials for our roof arrived, and the scaffolding went up.

This week has started with a bang, more materials and a gaping hole in the roof which is being left for the night (we are trusting all we believe, that it won’t rain, and the weather forecasts of course!). After the torrential rain yesterday the roof had it’s last hurrah and the rain leaked in, one more night with a hole in our roof is nothing. I have learnt that now.

But finally it is happening, changes are happening over and over, and even the plans we have had for the past few months are changing again.

Look out for more posts this week.


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