Do you ever take the time?

I ask this question to you all, do you ever take the time to just see what is around you and look at it in awe. I know I have so much that can make me think feel this way, I am surrounded by Mother Nature, God, the Tao Te Ching, whatever you want to call it, it is all around me every day; and I know for that I am blessed. I have never lost sight of that.

But I know that some think they don’t have the countryside around them, so it is not so easy to see the beauty in the simple things; but it is! It is all around us all, no matter where you live, look at the the rain for instance falling around us, from the drop on a leaf, or railing, to the blade of grass, glistening with beauty. Have you ever stopped and just watched a drop of rain hanging from a rail, quivering and glistening, and waited until it plopped?

Rain knows no bounds, it is in the countryside, the cities, the suburbs, in slums. No matter what you feel about your life it is amazing if you just stop and look for a moment.

Or what about the sky? When was the last time that you just stopped for a moment and looked at the sky?

When ‘The War’ was raging around Rich and I eleven years ago I sought solace in cloud watching, as I watched the clouds just go on their way, slowly, unhurried and always  so beautiful and serene I was reminded that in the whole universe the pain that we were going through would pass, and wasn’t as bad, or as important as I thought.

I have never stopped cloud watching, and living here I am blessed every day.

So Ithought that on the first day of November I would share with you some of the beautiful sunrises that we were given to us in the month of October. I want you to imagine me, every morning at about eight o clock out in the garden snapping these shots, in my dressing gown (it’s spotty if you want the detail!) This one in particular was what inspired me:


One morning when we woke it was chilly, despite it being very warm for October the previous few days, I opened the door to let the cats in and the dogs out and this caught my eye, the mist over the valley and it just rising took my breath away and I just had to capture it.


Rich got up to find me scurrying around the garden in my pyjamas and said ‘What are you doing now?!’

‘Look at this I said, we are so lucky.’


This set the pattern for the next few weeks and I hope that you enjoy them.


I ask you all to just take the time today to just stop for thirty seconds and see something beautiful. Here is what I saw this morning, looks like November is bringing it’s own beauty to the party..

As the great poet W.H Davies said ‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.’




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