And we all want chickens…..Goodbye Claudy

This is Claudy our cockerel. It turns out he is a Creole Pekin Bantam, and what a handsome boy he is.

Sadly the last of our girlies died on Wednesday night, leaving Claude all alone, and he crowed and cried all Thursday and Friday. I was so worried for him, not many people want cockerels and I didn’t want someone to take him to kill and eat him (although it turns out there would be no meat on him anyway so that would just be cruel). So how could I get him a home?

I went onto a FB site called chicken keepers in France and explained the situation and a lovely lady told me exactly what he was and said how beautiful he was. Then the haters joined the party (well one silly cow anyway) but that did me a favour and the lovely lady came back to say she would have him.

So today we boxed him up and said goodbye, and took him to the ladies chicken farm, full of chickens, ducks and young geese who shout at you and any bush they take exception to!

It was as if Claude knew he was in a good place. He started to cluck in his box, and then chirrup and then he just wanted to get out. At the moment he is in quarantine, but a new lady will be joining him to keep him company.

The lovely lady who had him said she may not keep him, although she took a shine to him as soon as she saw him and said ‘oh you never know, I might start breeding Bantams!’ She promised to send me pictures if she does.

So that is the end of our chicken keeping days. Welshies and chickens don’t mix! Another chapter of the adventure closes, but a knew one has just opened.

Au revoir Claude have a wonderful life.




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