We are melting

Europe is in the middle of a heatwave, with France, Italy, and Germany in the thick of it.

I am currently sitting in my bedroom with the blind down, both fans whirring away, and Harley pup desperately trying to get some respite.

I can do all I can for the dogs (Wiglet is currently laying in the tiled bathroom floor) and we can dunk them in the pool later, but I am worried for my cats, especially Molly Kitten who is over 19 years old.

In my bedroom it is this temperature, in the kitchen it is three degrees higher and in the garden the thermometer is reading forty – two degrees. As they say in the song it’s too darned hot!

Smaller Shops have shut, hubby has cancelled work for today and even the farmers are not out working!

After a quick trip to the supermarket and the air conditioned bank ( where we may linger) it is in the pool for us.

The temperature is due to drop to twenty-one degrees tomorrow, positively freezing!

Stay cool folks, and here is a cool tune …




  1. It’s hard to be comfortable when it’s too warm. My town was the hot spot in Canada one summer with temps around 40 degrees. It was awful! I spent quality time at Starbucks, enjoying the AC and iced tea. I hope you and your animals are doing well.

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  2. Oh, man, so sorry to hear about your temps. It bugs me when I read about people who deny global warming. BTW, great version of “Summer Breeze” that you chose. Ernie Isely’s guitar solo in it is the BEST. Hope those cooler temps come your way soon. – Marty

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    • It has, just! We have all slept in this morning, we have no air con, but it looks like summers are going to go this way so air con may need to be considered. -40 😮😮😳


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