Galavanting: off to a new department – Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei

This is Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, a stunning town nestled in foothills cut out by the river Sarthe that runs through it. It’s history dates back to the 8th century, and as with most French villages involves a monk, and a monastery, but it also involves vikings (who burned down the monastery) and the good old English who the French managed to hold off for a good while during the hundred year war.

It is, quite simply, stunning, and only an hours drive from our house. The village has a history steeped in art, from the original pictures from the first artists who visited, showing how poor the village was, to current pictures now showing it’s affluence. I was destined to come here as there is a famous auberge: Auberge Moisy (which we all know is my real name).

It was a tavern that was owned by the Sisters Moisy. Frequented by the visiting artists who used to paint on the wall, it is now a museum.

The town’s beauty just speaks for itself.

Due to my new diet (and a lot less alcohol) I was able to walk up and down the hills and dales for two hours before my knees started to complain, although I did pay for it yesterday.

We visited both the roman church and the medieval chapel that sits in the middle of a huge pasture right next to the river.

It was a fitting end to our week of galavanting (although we are contemplating a vide grenier today) and all in all we spent six euro in the whole week! We have had a fantastic time, taking packed lunches, simple food, and fruit; highlighting that you don’t need money to have fun.

Perhaps I should rename these posts: simple things.



  1. Have always meant to visit St. Céneri. You have shown us why it is one of the “plus beaux villages.” Great photos. I love that there is a Moisy auberge. A calling card you left from a past life?

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  2. How wonderful to find your name painted on a wall! I have an uncommon name myself, and still remember how exciting it was to see my name on a ladies’ clothing shop in a small town in South Wales. (I have the framed photo hanging on the wall of the spare bedroom.) I’m enchanted by the history around you, too. I live in a house built in 1938, and it’s considered very old in my town!

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    • Oh it is beautiful, but I love 1930s style houses, I used to live in one! Another reader has suggested I might have visited that St Ceneri in another life. Now there’s a thought!


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