Changes: Autumn

I have missed writing, it’s something I love to do, but this week has been a hugely busy week. All will be revealed in my next series of posts. But first I thought I would share with you what I love about Autumn and living here.

Often when I get up at this time of year and lift the blinds I am inspired by what is around me: the sunrises, the blue skies, the winter skies, and in autumn the mists across the valley.

When I opened the blinds early one morning this week the things that inspired me were the spiders webs, highlighted by the morning dew.

I found myself thinking of how the spiders are frantically making webs to catch the insects in the last of the autumn sunshine, to prepare for winter. Nature just accepts what is happening and goes with the flow; and although spiders creep me out I found myself turning to Harley and saying ‘I suppose they have to live somewhere.’

More changes have taken place in our house, renovations mainly. Look out for more posts.

Have a good weekend folks, and in your busy weekends try and stop, and see the beauty that is around you.



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