A sense of community: It’s all go en France

This is our view from our landing window. You can see that Autumn is in full flow.

Our old listed barn (built in 1812) is to the right of the photo, and you can see in front of it there is a lot of foliage which is the branches from the cherry tree that is in the centre of the photo. A few weeks ago during some high winds, the large branches were ripped from the tree and deposited on the barn roof. As is most often the case it was the side where the roof was decent and watertight!

Now we have a gaping hole in that side of the roof, and RD is going to have to try and cover it, until he replaces the roof next year. Now I have a strange suspicion that is going to take place without health and safety in mind! It’s rural France ffs, who follows health and safety?

You see our dear neighbour and friend, Marc, has offered to help Rich. He has all the farm equipment needed because the cherry tree has sadly got to go. It has split and is weakened, and will be brought down by the strong winter winds we have here. Today Marc will pull the tree using a rope and his tractor and RD will have to cut it as he does so, which will prevent it from falling on the barn, or Marc’s pretty little stable. It is sad but it has to be done.

I have a strange suspicion that I will find H in the cup of Marc’s tractor when I get home from shopping, fixing the roof! I am leaving them to it.

So my view from my window will change, pretty much like life really.




    • Oh yes, without an ounce of health and safety in sight! We love it. If we can manage to kill a rat he has already told us to burn it, and the rats all around will smell it and bugger off! It’s one if the things I love, just do what you have to do, don’t get caught up in the small stuff. We are loving your book. ❤️


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