The mini bus of life

via The mini bus of life


    • Thank you, it’s one of my favourites. It came about as a result of moving here and being ill. We use it all the time: I think I’m dropping such & such off, they’re at the back of the bus…the idea is discussed in The Road Less Travelled. I thought it would resonate with you. I shared your blog on FB by the way, we love your book. ❤️


    • Oh no that’s my bit! 🤣 But he does talk about how people hold on to things and people, even though they know that is why they are sitting in his office in the 1st place. How they often get to the crux: relationships and stop going, writing him a letter saying how they know but….. I think it’s TRLT less travelled, it might be TRLT and beyond. ❤️


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