A guest post from a favourite blog of mine. 277. Maureen’s Elegance

This is a guest post from a favourite blog of mine. A financial journalist with knowledge and insight to make us think, if we want to. I met Kev via my blog, and still find it ironic that he is from Essex, just like I am, and doesn’t buy in to what he is ‘told’. You may want to check his blog out. …..

Because of the coronavirus, the missus and me made an exception last night, by watching the 10 pm news. This is a long-discarded habit of pure …

277. Maureen’s Elegance


  1. I read through Maureen’s Elegance last week (I think it was last week) and it’s brilliant Kev/Rosie. Maureen’s solution is simplistic yet probably too difficult for those who hold the purse strings to comprehend. All the world needs is more Maureens in power to make decisions to benifit the people, rather than the other way around.

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    • I shared this to Facebook and said some would like it, some would not. I know some won’t even want to read it. I feel a FaceBook cull may be coming on. I do that as I evolve. ❤️


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