An Unexpected Event. We’re in Turmoil.

Nearly three years ago (in March next year) I wrote about our youngest cat Tilly, and how we had lost her. She went out one day, and never came back. We were heartbroken, and every time I drive past the woods in our lane I think of Tilly.

Last week we had all of the animals vaccinated, including the rabies jab. We smiled and chatted about our naughty black kitten, and how we wished we were taking her with us, despite the huge expense! We hoped she was with someone who loved her, or hadn’t suffered if she had left this mortal coil. We knew she had always been a free spirit, and naughty (which is why we love her so), and that there was a high likelihood that she would not live a long life.

Last night Tilly came back to our garden! Harley the Welshie was barking incessantly and wouldn’t come in, no matter what we did to persuade him. So poor old RD had to put his trainers on and trudge off up the chemin to the very farthest part of our garden where he found Harley who was clearly barking at something up the huge oak tree. When RD shone the torch there she was, Tinky Tiny Tilly, from Tinky Tiny Tilly Land. RD was adamant it was her, because she responded to her name and closed her eyes in love at him, and let out her little meow that only she could do. He grabbed Harley, and was frantically calling me. In the meantime I was going into the garden to look for him, he called me and I blindly made my way up the chemin in the pitch black, but Tilly was so spooked she ran off like a Jack Rabbit before I could get there.

There we stood in our jimby jamby’s and dressing gowns in the pouring of rain frantically calling her, whilst the dogs were locked indoors.

Daisy Pussy Upsy was Tilly’s bestest friend, and she joined us sniffing inquisitively up the tree, at the bottom of the tree, and at the part if the fence where Tilly had made her exit. She even went out again later looking for her.

I am convinced now it was Tilly, but what do we do? We leave this house a week on Sunday. Even if she had come back today it would be too late to take her to Ireland, she needs twenty-two days minimum before she can travel. We are in turmoil, we can’t stay, but the thought of leaving her behind is beyond our comprehension.

We have been searching for her today, but no sign; and are just about to go back out in the dark, when she must feel safer, to call her whilst the Welshies remain indoors. If we find her between now and when we leave we will get her jabbed and put her in the cattery to settle her, and RD will come back earlier than planned from Ireland to collect Tilly and our furniture. I have also asked our lovely immoblier and friend Aidan, if I can give him her passport, and if she turns up after we have left will he arrange for her to go into the cattery and get her jabbed. It’s all we can do.

We strongly believe that life will show us the way. For Tilly to come home now, as if to say don’t forget me, is surely a sign. Or was she just coming to say goodbye?

Come home Til Til ❤️🥲




  1. She was probably coming to say goodbye, but you will know for sure if she shows back up before you leave. She sounds like a French free spirit, and a survivor. No need to worry about her. Your plan sounds like a good one! 🤗

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    • Thanks Kev, we know if she doesn’t return, it was just that: letting us know she’s okay. She never got on with Wiglet the Welshie, would it be fair to take her away from where she is to Wiglet? Life will show us, it’s eyes filled with tears at times. ❤

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  2. Cats have a will of their own that makes them unique. Maybe Tilly wanted you to know she was ok. Maybe Kevs right, maybe she was saying goodbye and go for it mum n dad. At least you both know she’s alive and well Rosie ♥️

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  3. Wow, what a story. When I was a child, friends of ours moved several states away (from Michigan to Missouri), approximately 800 miles. They reported later that their cat was missing, and it was soon after that when we actually saw the cat hanging around their old house. That blew our minds, but we all knew it was the same calico cat for sure. I’m with CrazyKat that Tilly was just coming back to mew goodbye to you, independent creature that she is. But wow, gone for all that time and then returns! Amazing. – Marty

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