Taking A Moment: The Last Sunday Morning Snuggle in France

December Sunrise Ambrieres les vallees 2020

I often write this blog on a Sunday morning/afternoon as we sit in bed having our fourth cup of tea, snuggling with the Welshies. It is one of our treasured moments, a simple thing, counting our blessings.

We have been mega busy dismantling our home, and today will be the last Sunday that we will have the opportunity to do this in this home. The weather has lent itself kindly to us doing this given that the rain is pouring down, and every now and then a spurt of wind whips around this hose on the hill.

Once I get up my sparkling lights will be taken down, and off the bed.

Our Bedroom, a place of sanctuary

The 1860’s French dressing table will be emptied, ready for the remainder of our furniture to be moved on Tuesday.

Our Antique French Dressing Table lovingly painted by me.

This bedroom will no longer feel like ours, and this time next week we will be moving to a gite in anticipation of handing the keys to our house over the week after.

One of the lessons we have learned as part of this adventure is that we make our homes, it is RD and I who create them, and make them into places where people like to come, because they are welcomed.

I know I will create a new one, in some ways I am looking forward to it, but I started this blog all those years ago to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones, to broaden their horizons, and to not be afraid of doing so. So I am writing about this move because yes, it is scary, yes it is poignant, yes you can recreate again, but yes you should live in each moment.

I asked RD the other day if he felt afraid, he said ‘Yes’.

Despite it all we know we are doing the right thing. Life has showed us that over and over. But right now we are procrastinating, or perhaps just treasuring this moment because we know it will never come again.


December Sunset Montaigu Ambrieres les vallees 2020


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